About EDST

EDST is distinct in its concentration of graduate students relative to other Faculty of Education departments. We offer: PhD: Doctor of PhilosophyEdD: Doctor of EducationMA: Master of Arts, and MEd: Master of Education degrees. EDST faculty members also direct two Faculty of Education research centres, The Center for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training (CHET), and The Center for Culture, Identity and Education (CCIE).

What we do

At EDST we are not just a community of professors, instructors and students working in isolation on obscure academic projects that few people can relate to. In fact, our work deeply and directly affects people and communities both locally and globally. Whether it’s working with farmers in Afghanistan or collaborating with Indigenous communities, the people of EDST are dedicated to a better world through education. Although our work varies widely, scholarship and teaching within EDST generally includes:

  • adult and community education and social movements
  • citizenship and human rights
  • continuing professional education
  • cultural politics, critical multiculturalism and feminist studies
  • educational leadership and policy
  • epistemology, ethics, and political philosophy
  • equity in education (on the axes of race, disability, gender, class, and sexuality)
  • higher education
  • indigenous education
  • international and comparative education
  • media, popular culture and representation
  • youth and children in schools, families, and communities