April 9, 2018

This event is presented by the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, and includes several EDST faculty members. Event Page: http://qmi.ubc.ca/?p=2931

Date & Time: April 9th at 3 p.m
Location: Science World 455 Quebec St, Vancouver
Local Contact: Natalia Bussard
Intended Audience: Public

This panel discussion will aim to bridge Western ways of knowing with Indigenous ways of knowing and will be open to a wider audience interested in science as well as our visiting students, SBQMI faculty, staff, and students. The moderator of the panel will be Dr. Sam Rocha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education at the Faculty of Education at UBC. Dr. Rocha’s research interests include, among others, the philosophy of race and education as well as higher education and leadership. The panelists will include:

  • Dr. Andrea Damascelli, Scientific Director, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute and Professor within the Department of Physics at UBC
  • Cease Wyss, the Squamish National community representative
  • Dr. Michael Marker, an Associate Professor at Faculty of Education, who was a science teacher in his former career,
  • Dr. Catherine Anderson, Program Director, Future Science Leaders – a Science World teen program to inspire and challenge top students to excel in science and engineering,
  • Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Professor, Faculty of Education and Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change. Her research interests include cultural studies and indigenous studies among others

The event is open to the public and science enthusiast audience within Greater Vancouver. The panel will bring awareness of indigenous ways of knowing to the SBQMI community, while demonstrating to our visitors SBQMI’s spirit of inclusivity and respect towards indigenous culture and history. It will be a unique event and an attempt to bring western scientists into conversations with indigenous researchers on how they can collaborate.