Claudia Diaz and Sonia Medel receive UBC Public Scholars Awards

Congratulations to EDST PhD students Claudia Diaz and Sonia Medel on their success in the UBC Public Scholars Initiative! The UBC Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) is an innovative pilot program intended to explore how a top-tier university can support doctoral pathways that encourage purposeful social contribution, innovative forms of collaborative scholarship, and broader career readiness for students.

Claudia Diaz

Diversity and Social responsibility in Early Childhood Education in Canada

How do young children’s relationships with their everyday places help them to acknowledge and respect cultural and social diversity? Through a reconceptualized notion of diversity that takes seriously the role of place, Claudia seeks to shift policy, curriculum, and pedagogical practices towards more respectful and inclusive early childhood education.

Read Claudia’s full public scholar profile here.


Sonia Medel

The (De)colonial Potential of Dance: Racialized Dancers’ (Her)stories

Sonia’s study provides greater insight into a population of dancers on whom research is lacking—racialized and minoritized women, unpacking the complex and diverse choreographies and relationships of dance that these women engage in; and how their experiences can inform multiculturalism and policy (re)visioning.

Read Sonia’s full public scholar profile here.