Congratulations to Leslie G. Roman & Gerald Fallon and their dis/artist team, Rena del Rena Del Pieve Gobbi & Cathy Browne on their Haagenson grant

Professor Leslie G. Roman & Associate Professor Gerald Fallon are the recipients of a Haagenson grant along with RA consultants Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, mental health advocate & film-maker, and Cathy Browne, a blind photographer and accessibility advocate who is Vice Chair of the city’s Persons’ with Disabilities Advisory Committee (featured in this recent issue of the Georgia Strait ).

Partnership is sweet!

The project is entitled: “Insights Unseen and Unheard ‘Our UBC’” for the Wingspan Collaborative in Faculty of Education Leslie G. Roman & Gerald Fallon, Educational Studies

Project Summary:

With the unique exception of the Unruly Salon at UBC, our students and faculty rarely tap the insights, creative abilities and experiences of the University’s disabled students as a public. The teaching/learning and digital infrastructure collaborative goals of “Insights Unseen and Unheard: Our UBC” are threefold:

First: to provide workshops and digital infrastructure for collaboration which teach students the technical skills and confidence to operate new media and assistive technologies to tell their own first-person narratives of navigating the UBC campus and their classrooms.

Cathy Browne

Second, “Insights Unseen and Unheard: Our UBC” will showcase their videos and photography in both a curated physical screening/exhibit and a virtual gallery as a digital archive of their works to serve pedagogical resources for teacher education candidates and EDAL graduate students learning about new ways to teach disability arts, culture and public pedagogy. The works created will serve to increase the dissemination of information across barriers. The workshops will culminate in both a physical curated exhibit and video-screening, showcasing the students’ work, and an open-source virtual digital archive on UBC’s wiki’s and in a stable web site to be developed and used by partners to the project (e.g. in the Crane Library of Access and Diversity, KickStart NGO, an community NGO featuring the art of disabled artists, as well as the Wingspan Collaborative in the UBC Faculty of Education).

Third: In partnership with the Wingspan Collaborative, the Digital Literacy Centre (DLC) in UBC’s Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED), Access & Diversity and with funded support from the President’s Office and President and Prof. Santa Ono, we will share successful examples of student and faculty researchers can engage in dialogue, share innovative materials and approaches, and disseminate their research. The digital and curated exhibits will be used in a new course taught through Educational Leadership to the Richmond cohort of educational leaders on “Disability Arts, Culture and Public Pedagogy as Leadership”.