Congratulations to Teaching Prize recipients, Drs. Bathseba Opini and Cash Ahenakew!

Dr. Bathseba Opini  has been awarded the Sessional and Lecturer Teaching Prize.

Dr. Opini is an outstanding teacher and mentor for our students. During her teaching tenure as an EDST 12-month lecturer in the past half-dozen or so years, Dr. Opini’s instructional achievements including her practicum work, have been exceptionally impressive. Her students speak very highly of her admirable teaching qualities with some highlighting how her instructional methodologies imprint enduring perspectives and prospects of the topic and the lesson in their minds and within their overall learning experiences. Her nominators emphasize her distinctive teaching and mentorship qualities where she is willing to help her students inside and outside the classroom, and in some cases, after their graduation.



Dr. Cash Ahenakew has been awarded the Killam Teaching Prize.

Dr. Ahenakew is an outstanding teacher and mentor who optimally contributes to the learning advancement of our students. With his excellent on-campus teaching and supervision, including his work with the Indigenous Teacher Education program, Dr. Ahenakew’s multi-location instructional achievements extend to the wider Indigenous community contexts. His nominators emphasize how his teaching is at the forefront of our efforts to Indigenize the curriculum and related teaching and learning platforms. It is with that spirit and practice that Dr. Ahenakew establishes “new and pedagogically decolonizing knowledge platforms” that analyze and extend our diversely constructed epistemic and epistemological perspectives and positionalities.