Dr. André Mazawi to give Keynote at ‘Teacher Education and Educational Research in the Mediterranean’ Conference

Dr. André Mazawi will be a keynote speaker at the 2018 International Conference on Teacher Education and Educational Research in the Mediterranean, which will take place at the University of Malta on June 8 & 9.

The title and description of Dr. Mazawi’s talk can be found below:

Terra firma? Entangled fractures and the Redemption of Mediterranean educational research

Stories of fracturing powerfully shape scholarship on the contemporary Mediterranean, as a space of biopolitics and as an entanglement of historically situated geopolitics and modes of representations. As Norbert Bugeya points out, these stories cut ‘transversally across the fixity of belief’ that often grounds an imagined Mediterranean in a ‘facile pandering to the rhetoric of cultural or inter-religious diversity’. Such rhetoric, I argue, plagues educational research across the Mediterranean, enacting it as a conceptually vulnerable and an epistemically marginal space within the wider contexts of educational research. My reflection takes as its point of departure Ronald G. Sultana’s (2008) observation regarding the ‘legitimacy’ challenges facing comparative educational research grounded in a ‘Mediterranean dimension’ given, among other things, the ‘dislocated provincialism that pervades much of our educational scholarship’. Within this wider context, I argue, the imbricated spatialities, and the multifaceted entanglements in which education scholars and practitioners live, research, and educate largely leave unattended what Walter Mignolo calls ‘the geopolitics of knowledge and colonial difference’ that underpin unproblematised doxic linkages that prevail between education, schooling, and images of modernity. Over this backdrop, I ask, can one (re)claim a redemptive approach to educational research grounded in a ‘Mediterranean dimension’ that would help rethink the fractures that underpin it? What epistemic projects – and their concomitant forms of representation – would or could complicate, expand, and eventually transform the terms and contents of the conversations on educational research concerned with ‘the sensing and knowing’ of the Mediterranean as a spatial analytic of possibility?