Dr Ruitenberg awarded Spencer Foundation grant!

"Boy Studying", Lewis Hine, ca. 1924 (modified with Spencer Foundation logo) EDST congratulates Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg on a Spencer Foundation grant ($17,130) to host a two-day symposium on the concept and practice of study.The symposium (May 8 and 9, 2015) brings together ten scholars from five countries in the fields of philosophy of education and curriculum studies to discuss the role of study in different forms and levels of education. The symposium will focus on “study” as an educational concept and activity in its own right. What does it mean to study a text? A piece of music? A tree? How is studying any of these objects different from being taught about them, or learning something about them? What does the difficulty demanded by study mean for the one who studies and for the teacher? What mode of existence does study induce? What is the significance of study, not just for its educational outcome but as a human activity?

With UBC participants Dr. Sam Rocha (EDST), Dr. William Pinar (EDCP), and Dr. Anne Phelan (EDCP).