EDST welcomes postdoc Petra Mikulan

Dr. Petra Mikulan holds a PhD in Curriculum Theory and Implementation from Simon Fraser University. Her research is focused on concept development and its relationships to ideas of vitalism and life as they pertain to curriculum theory. She is currently preparing a book-manuscript entitled Theorizing Pedagogy Beyond the Organism for the University of Toronto Press. Her current interdisciplinary interests in theorizing concept work and vitalism beyond the organism are further developed in her recent and upcoming publications in journals such as Philosophical Inquiry in EducationPhilosophy of Mathematics Education JournalZDM, and Educational Theory. Her SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship, supervised by Dr. P. Taylor Webb in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC, is concerned with the development of concepts related to educational governance that emanate from new modes of knowing life, and specifically, the advancements in neuroscience.

Two-Year Research
The aim of Dr. Mikulan’s SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship, supervised by Dr. P. Taylor Webb in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC, is to develop concepts for educational governance and policy that emanate from new modes of knowing life, and specifically, the advancements in neuroscience. The objectives of her research are to a) examine the policy and governance effects of the life sciences on school operation, access, cost, including the profound implications the life sciences portend for teacher preparation and professional development; and b) facilitate new partnerships (e.g., neurologists, geneticists, educators, teacher educators) in order to develop new modes of interdisciplinary research to better understand the augmentations and optimizations of life, genes, and neurological functioning when applied in school settings. This research project will meet the demands of entirely new modes of thought and interdisciplinary research intersecting with humanities, vitalist studies, education policy, and the life and social sciences.