Educational leadership graduates answer questions at public session

As part of their capstone project, graduates of the UBC Masters of Education (M.Ed) in Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL) Program shared their research findings related to teaching practice, policy and politics. They discussed their work at a public information session at UBC Robson Square, Thursday June 8, 2017.

Conversations included:

  • How do beginning teachers understand policy?
  • How do education leaders support the integration of Aboriginal content in schools?
  • How did the media portray the 2014 BCTF Job Action?
  • And how learning to read is a source of joy…

Vickie Vinaric and Bruce Sled presented “Joy in Children’s Education,” a project that grew out of the statement in the revised BC Language Arts curriculum that learning to read should be a source of joy. They interviewed Grade 3 students to find what gave the children joy in education. Their study found students experienced joy in relationships, achievement, books, out-of-door experiences and creativity among other things.

Tome Cikes, Ron Fremont, Chris Marsella and Jacqui Tapia presented “An Exploration of How Educational Leaders are Supporting the Implementation of Revised Aboriginal Curricular Policies and Pedagogies.” The team interviewed leaders at the district and school levels in Metro Vancouver about their use of the 2009 First People’s Principles of Learning (by FNESC) and Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom: Moving Forward (Ministry of Education, 2015).

Poster topics included:

  • Understanding Teacher Conceptualizations of Intellectual Engagement
  • School Inclusion: an Investigation of How Beginning Teachers Understand Policy and Practice
  • An Exploration of How Educational Leaders are Supporting the Implementation of Revised Aboriginal Curricular Policies and Pedagogies
  • Educational Leadership Reconceived Through the Lens of the Capabilities Approach of Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum
  • Kitsilano Secondary School Parliament: A Case Study on Student Involvement in School Governance
  • What are Better Practices When Evaluating Student Success in School?
  • Effective Educational Leadership from the Perspectives of Elementary School Educators in a Public School District and an Independent School District
  • Joy in Elementary Classrooms
  • Spindle Whorl – Embracing the Tensions Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Knowledges in Public Educational Settings
  • It’s Not about the Kids – An Analysis of the Media’s Portrayal of the 2014 BCTF Job Action