Individual Research Interests

Legal Issues in Education; Policy, Organization, Finance and Governance of post-secondary Education and Training


Professor Emeritus. Higher Education. Human Resources and Economic Development. Educational Organization and Finance. Higher Education and Business Cooperation. Continuing Education and lifelong learning. Apprenticeship training and other forms of “alternation” between school and workplace.


Cal: Berkeley, LL.M.
Göttingen, PhD

Selected Publications

Selected recent publications (2010 – 2015):

Schuetze, H.G. (2015), Schule, Recht und Gerechtigkeit  (Schools, the law, and equity). In Manitius, V., Hermstein, B. and N. Berkemeyer (eds) Zur Gerechtigkeit von Schule (Schools and equity), (pp. 51-71) Münster&New York: Waxmann (link)


Schuetze, H. G. (2015). Private Higher Education in Canada and the United States: Development, Reform, and Likely Futures. In P. Zgaga, U. Teichler, H. G. Schuetze & A. Wolter (Eds.), Higher Education Reform: Looking Back – Looking Forward (pp. 273-291). Frankfurt: Peter Lang. (link)


Schuetze, H. G., & Duke, C. (2014). International-local visionary, policy advocate and formidable networker: The life, times and work of Jarl Bengtsson. Journal of Adult and Continuing Education (JACE), 20(2), 6-20. (link)


Schuetze, H. G. (2014). From adults to non-traditional students to lifelong learners in higher education: Changing contexts and perspectives. Journal of Adult and Continuing Education (JACE), 20(2), 37-55. (link)

Schuetze, H. G. (2013),  [The legal framework and legal issues of Higher Education in] Canada. In: Russo, C.J. (ed) Handbook of Higher Comparative Education Law (p.63-885). Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield (link)

Slowey, M., & Schuetze, H. G. (Eds.). (2012). Global perspectives on higher education and lifelong learners. London and New York: Routledge.(link)


Schuetze, H. G., & Alvarez Mendiola, G. (Eds.). (2012). State and market in higher education reforms Trends, policies and experiences in comparative perspective. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. (link)


Schuetze, H. G. (2012). Universities and their communities – Engagement and service as primary mission. In L. McIlrath, A. Lyons & R. Munck (Eds.), Higher education and civic engagement – Comparative perspectives (pp. 61 – 77). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. (link)


Schuetze, H. G., Bruneau, W., & Grosjean, G. (Eds.). (2012). University governance and reform – Policy, fads, and experience in international perspective. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.(link)


Schuetze, H. G., Kuehn, L., Davidson-Harden, A., Schugurensky, D. & Weber, N (2011). Globalization, neoliberalism and schools: The Canadian story. In C. A. Torres, L. Olmos & R. Van Heertum (Eds.), In the Shadow of Neoliberalism: Thirty Years of Educational Reform in North America. Oak Park, IL: Bentham Books. (link)


Schuetze, H. G. (2011). Review of Dale and Robertson’s Globalization and Europeanisation in education (2009). Studies in the Education of Adults, 43 (197 – 100).


Schuetze, H. G. (2010). The ‘third mission’ of universities: Community engagement and service. In P. Inman & H. G. Schuetze (Eds.), The community engagement and service mission of universities (pp. 13-32). Leicester (UK): NIACE. (link)


Adamuti-Trache  & Schuetze, H. G. (2010). Demand for University Continuing Education in Canada. Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education 35 (2) 87-108. (link)


Courses Taught

ADHE 511 – Organization and Administration of Post-Secondary Education Training, cross listed with ADHE 516
ADHE 513 – Current Issues In Higher Education
ADHE 535 – Comparative and International Higher Education
ADHE565A – Advanced Seminar in Higher Education and Training
EDST 523 – Comparative Education
EDST 575 – Work and Education
EDST 577 – The Social Context of Educational Policy
EDST 565a – Legal Issues in Education – An Introduction to Education and the Law
EDST 565b – Education and the Economy