Associate Professor


I am a happy mother of two children and love dance, jazz, film, modern art, fiction, and travels.

Research Projects

Transnational Advocacy Networks and HIV/AIDS Education: Integrating a Multistakeholder Human Rights Approach into Global Public Health Governance

Standard Research Grant, Social Science and Humanities Research Council, CAD 110,536. Link to Working Group on Public Health Education

Varieties of Academic Capitalism: Marketization reforms in Higher Education and Social Contract in Japan and France

Standard Research Grant, Social Science and humanitites Research Council CAD 88,928.

Between Multiculturalism and National Security: The War on Terror and Muslim Minority Rights in France and Japan

Hampton Research Fund, CAD 23,702.

Globalization and Governance Reforms: A Comparative Study of Japan and France

Abe Fellowship, Social Science Research Council, US $75, 185.

Constructing Global Citizenship: Japanese Advocacy Nongovernmental Organizations in the Alternative Globalization Movement

Advanced Research Fellowship, Program on US-Japan Relations, Weatherhead Center for international Affairs, Harvard University, US $40,000.

The Claims of Culture: Affirmative Action and Multicultural Education in France and Japan

Humanities and Social Sciences large Grant, University of British Columbia CAD 6,760.

Knowledge as intellectual property or knowledge for public health: the global movement for the access to basic medicines

Canadian Institutes of Helath Research (themes 384: Population Health and Health Services & Systems Research), CAD 2,700.

Deliberative Democracy and Cognitive Justice: The Role of Transnational Social Movements in Constructing Cosmopolitan Citizenships

Humanities and Social Sciences Bridge Grant, University of British Columbia, CAD 2,000.

The Construction of “Another” Globalization: The Role of Transnational Literacy in Addressing the Issue of Democratic Deficit

Institute for European Studies, University of British Columbia, CAD 1,000.

Selected Publications

Books and Journal Articles


Jennifer Chan. 2015. Politics in the Corridor of Dying: AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance. Johns Hopkins   University Press.
Jennifer Chan. 2008, ed., Another Japan is Possible: New Social Movements and Global Citizenship Education. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press.
Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2004. Gender and Human Rights Politics in Japan: Global Norms and Domestic Networks. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press.

Journal Articles

Jennifer Chan. 2016. “Out of Asia: Topologies of Racism in Canada.” Workplace, No. 27,
Jennifer Chan. 2015. “Scaling up the Ebola Response: What we Learned from AIDS Activism.” Journal of AIDS and HIV Infection. Inaugural Issue,
Jennifer Chan. 2007. “Le Mouvement Pacifiste Japonais Depuis les Années 1990.” Critique Internationale. Vol. 36, pp. 51-69.
Jennifer Chan. 2006. “Between Efficiency, Capability and Recognition: Competing Epistemes in Global Governance”. Comparative Education. Vol. 43 (3), pp. 359-376.
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Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2005. “La participation féministe au mouvement altermondialiste: une critique de l’Orgaanisation mondiale du commerce”. Recherches Féministes. Vol. 17 (1), pp. 195-225.
Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2004. “Gender-Skepticism or Gender-Boom: Poststructural Feminisms, Transnational Feminisms, and the World Conference against Racism”. International Feminist Journal of Politics. Vol. 6 (3), pp. 454 – 484.
Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2004. “Towards a “Global Educational Justice” Research Paradigm: Cognitive Justice, Decolonizing Methodologies and Critical Pedagogy”. Globalisation, Societies and Education. Vol. 2 (2), pp. 191 – 213.

Book Chapters

Jennifer Chan. 2016. “Re-narrating Human Rights and Civil Society in Asia.” In Handbook on Civil Society in Asia, ed., Akihiro Ogawa. Submitted.
Jennifer Chan. 2016. “External Influences of NGOs and Non-State Actors.” In The SAGE Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy, ed., Takashi Inoguchi. Sage Publications. Submitted.
Jennifer Chan. 2016. “Gender and Antiwar Activism in Japan.” In Handbook on Gender and War, ed., Simona Sharona, Julia Welland, Linda Steiner, and Jennifer Mathers. Northhampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.
Jennifer Chan. 2013. “War Crimes Movements in Japan.” In The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements, edited by David A. Snow, Donatella Della Porta, Bert Klandermans, and Doug McAdam. Maiden, MA: Blackwell Publishing.
Jennifer Chan. 2012. “Gar Nar Dai Doe Heem/Canada Apologizes: Redress and a Pedagogy of Accountability.” In Precarious International Multicultural Education: Hegemony, Dissent and Rising Alternatives, edited by Handel Wright, H.K., Singh, M. & Race, R. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
Jennifer Chan. 2012. “UNESCO versus the World Trade Organization? When Cultural Diversity Trumps Free Trade.” In Leadership in Global Institution Building: Minerva’s Rule, edited by Yves Tiberghien. Palgrave Macmillan Press.
Jennifer Chan. 2011. “Civil Society and Global Citizenship in Japan.” In Japanese Politics Today, edited by Takahashi Inoguchi and Purnendra Jain. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press.
Jennifer Chan. 2011 (Submitted). “Gender and Antiwar Activism in Japan.” In Handbook on Gender and War, edited by Jennifer Mathers.
Jennifer Chan. 2010. “Academic Capitalism in Japan: National University Incorporation and Special Zones for Structural Reform.” In The Politics of Education Reforms, edited by Joseph Zajda, Geo-JaJa, and A. Macleans A. New York: Springer.
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Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2003. “The Rise of a Women’s Human Rights Epistemic Network in the 1990s: Global Norms, Gender Politics and Civil Society” in Errol Mendes, ed., “Bridging the Global Divide on Human Rights: a Canada-China Dialogue”, pp. 195-219. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate Publishing.
Francisco Ramirez and Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2003. “Globalization and Education in Asia” with Francisco Ramirez in The Handbook on Educational Research in the Asia Pacific Region, pp. 1091 – 1102. Norwell, MA: Kluwers Academic Publishers.

Other Creative Writing

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Tastes of Exile and Home in Brandy Lien Worrall, ed. Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck. Vancouver, BC: Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC.

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Workshop and Law by Nyata Nyata. Dance Central (Scotiabank Dance Centre newsletter), May/June, p. 4.

Other Research Contributions: Arts Exhibition and Films

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Day of Shame. Outstanding Achievement in Film, Eyelens Film Festival, Vancouver. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Last Tango in Paris. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Melody of Flute. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Co- Producer/Director. Soul on Fire. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.

Jennifer Chan. 2007. Riotous Displays: Celebrating Diversity and Peace. Collaborative artwork for Exquisite Crisis: Encounter Z, organized by Yong Soon Min and presented by Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University, February 15-May 31.

Conference Presentations and Proceedings

2011 “Beyond the Millenium Development Goals? Comparing Education for All and Health for All Movements”. Panelist, Comparative and International Education Annual Conference. Montreal. May 1, 2011.

2011 “Glocal Islam: Muslim nongovernmental organizations and Multicultural Japan”. Panelist, Japanese Association of Asian Studies, Hilton Hawaiian Villages. April 2.

2010 “Global Muslim Networks? Islamic Nongovernmental Organizations in Japan”. Panelist, Japanese Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference, University of British Columbia. October 1.

Book Reviews

Jennifer Chan. 2011. “Women’s Movements in Asia: Feminisms and Transnational Activism.” Pacific Affairs. Volume 84, No. 2.
Jennifer Chan. 2010. “Making Japanese Citizens – Civil Society and the Mythology of the Shimin in Postwar Japan.” Japanese Journal of Political Science.
Jennifer Chan. 2010. “WTO/GATS and the Global Politics of Higher Education.” Globalisation, Societies and Education. Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 539-540.
Jennifer Chan. 2010. “Lily in the Snow.” Ricepaper magazine. Issue 15.3, Fall, pp. 47-48.
Jennifer Chan. 2010. “Another Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Living and Inner Abundance.” Kyoto Journal, 75, pp. 105-6.

Invited Presentations

2016 “This Earth Which is Not One: Border Policing in the Climate Movement.” Americal Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, Aug 18-23.

2016. “Too Poor to Treat: What Global AIDS Activism Taught Us About Rights and Life.” University of Hong Kong, Department of Sociology, Mar 3.

2015 “Cultivating Relationships, Shaping the Future Together.” National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, RCMP Coquitlam Victim Services Unit, Coquitlam City Hall, April 23.

2015 “Impossibility of Speaking Race.” Launch event: New Year, New Beginnings: Rekindling Colour Connected Against Racism. UBC. January 27.

2015 “Living with Difference: Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism.” Institute for Asian Research, Asia Pacific Forum: Charlie Hebdo and Freedom Of Speech In The Asia Pacific. UBC. January 21.

2013 “Against Market and the Intellectual Propertization of Life: Access to Essential Medicines in Thailand, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.” Conference: Public Health Policy in Asia: Rights, Risks, Redistribution and Resilience. UBC Faculty of Law and Institute of Asian Research. December 6-7.

2013 “Politics in the Corridor of Dying: AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance.” UBC, Interdisciplinary Studies Gradute Program. October 16.

2013 “Politics in the Corridor of Dying: AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance.” UBC, College of Health Disciplines. June 12.

2012 “The Long Road to Equity.” Happy Too Asian: Celebrating Activism Against Racism in the Media. W2 Media Café, Vancouver. November 12.

2011 “La participation feministe dans la politique international.” Invited panelist, Table Rond, Réseau-Femmes Colombie- Britannique, Vancouver. January 18.

2010 “Global Governance Reforms: Some Theoretical and Methodological Explorations”. Invited lecture for faculty and postdoctoral fellows, Department of Human Geography, Planning & International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam. February 4, 2010.

2010 “The Emergence of a Right to Health Regime: Transnational Advocacy and Global Health Governance Reforms”. Seminar on Civil Society Advocacy and Education for All: Strategies, Outcomes and Future Challenges. February 4, 2010. University of Amsterdam.

2010 “Making UBC Work for Women Faculty.” UBC Faculty Association. Liu Center for the Study of Global Issues, January 14.

2009 “University Crisis in Japan and France: Globalization, Restructuring and Academic Capitalism.” CHET seminar, UBC. November 26.

Students Supervised

Graduate Supervision

Prabhsharanbir Singh, PhD Candidate. Cross-Faculty Inquiry In Education.  “Cultural Schizophrenia among Canadian Sikh Youth and the Discontents of Technology”

Esraa Al-Mufta, PhD student.

Hayden Liao, M.Ed Student. Society, Culture & Politics in Education.

Graduated Students

Ph.D. Students

Alnoor Gove, 2015. “Responses to and Interpretation of Anti-Muslim Racism in Canada: A Community Perspective”
Hiroko Hara. 2012. “The Art of Becoming: Filmmaking and Performance on Cambodian Postcoloniality and Diaspora”
Kila Reimer. 2012. ““Local Interrogation of educational Globalization: Exploring Community Negotiation of Transnational Influences on Primary Education in Cambodia.”
Dilek Kayeep. 2012. “Turkish Immigrant Youth: The Challenge of Citizenship.”
Maryam Nabavi. 2012. “Citizenship Learning for First Generation Iranian Immigrant Youth in Canada.”
Carolina Palacios. 2012. “Learning to Resist: Civil Society, Exiles and Redemocratization in Chile.”
Erica Mohan. 2010. “The Influence of K-12 Schooling Experiences on the Identity Construction of Multiethnic Students.”
Hui-Ling Lin. 2010. “Queer Asian Women Body in Motion: Filmic Representations of Asian Queer Women in Contemporary Canada.”
Omar Abdullah. 2010. “Islamic Education In A Multicultural Context: The Case Of Two Educational Institutions In British Columbia.”
Cindy Hanson. 2009. “Toward Transformative Learning and a Transnational Feminist Pedagogy: Experiences of Activist-Facilitators Working in Development.”
Romee Lee. 2006. “Lifelong Learning at the Borders: Transnational Learning Experiences of Migrant Workers in Korea.”

M.A. and M.Ed. Students

Gisela Milagros Briceno Ortega. 2015. “Confronting Colonial Legacy: Aboriginal Non-governmental Organizations in Canada”
Chase Zhao. 2014. “Street Democracy: The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong and Radical Adult Education.”
Paula Wood. 2011. “What Health Educators Need to Know: A Review of Strategies and Approaches in the Management of Obesity.”
Jessica Jordan. 2010. “Human Resources for Health: Canada and the Global Health Crisis.”
Kathy Martin, MEd student. 2010.
Hiroko Hara. 2007.“Diasporic and Transnational Notions of Belonging: A Case Study of Cambodians in Japan”
Kozue Matsumoto. 2011. “Adjusting to Canadian Society: How Japanese Canadians Negotiate their Identity and Value Systems with Canadas Multicultural Context.”
David Kirk. 2011. ““Culturally Relevant Programs and Services to Aboriginal Students.”
Michiyo Hayase.2009. “Neoliberal Governmentality and School Choice in Japan: The Role of School Principals.”
Britta Poschenrieder. 2009. “Vancouver’s Private English as a Second Language Industry: Discourses and Deregulation.”
Xuehong Liao. 2007. “Alike or Different: A Study of Four North American Universities’ Study Abroad Programs”
Chen Shen. 2007. “Public Funding for China’s National Regular Universities and Colleges”
Rachel Speiran. 2004. “Culture and Beyond: Exploring intercultural relations in the mining industry”

Reader and University Examiner
Wendy Royal. PhD in Curriculum Studies. 2013.
“The Primacy of the Ethical in a Cosmopolitan Education: Fukushima Daiichi and Other Global Risks”

Chair, University Examiner, Reader and External Examiner

Hanah Marie Spector, PhD in Curriculum Studies. Graduated in 2013.
“The Primacy of the Ethical in a Cosmopolitan Education: Fukushima Daiichi and Other Global Risks”

Hui-Ling Li, PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies. Graduated in 2011.
“Queer Asian Women Body in Motion: Filmic Representations of Asian Queer Women in Contemporary Canada”

Takemasa Ando, PhD in Asia and Pacific Studies, Australia National University. Graduated in 2010.
“Japanese New Left Movements and Their Legacy for Civil Society”

Mosope, PHD in Law, UBC. Graduated in 2010.
“Reconstructing Womn’s Rights in Africa Using the African Regional Human Rights Regime: Problems and Possibilities”

Wendy Royal, PhD in Language and Literacy, UBC. Graduated in 2009.
“The Philosopher’s Teahouse: Negotiation, Agency and Transformation in a Multicultural ESL Academic Preparation Class”

Peter Hsu, EdD in Educational Leaderhip and Policy, UBC. Graduated in 2007.
“In Search of a Constructivist Paradigm to Guide the Practice of Adult IT Education”

Jack Lee, MEd in Adult Education, UBC. Graduated in 2007.
“Internationalizing for Whom? Marketization, Hegemony, and Social Reproductioin in International Higher Education”

Mee Lain Ling, MA in Adult Education, UBC. Graduated in 2004.
“Methodology of Decolonizing Gender and International Development: A View from China”

Reyla Lopez, MA in Educational Studies, UBC. Graduated in 2004.
“Women’s Empowerment: A Case Study of a Poverty Reduction Project in Rural China”

Chantal Poux, MA in Asian Studies, UBC. Graduated in 2004. Currently a PhD student at the Universite de Quebec à Montreal.
“De la Prise de Conscience au Passage à l’Acte ou de la Nature Politique des Etudes sur les Femmes en Chine Contemporaine”

Lisa Okada, MEd in Adult Education, UBC. Graduated in 2004.
“Visibilizing the Empty Spaces: Antiracism and Adult Education”

Charito Gailing, MEd in Adult Education. Graduated in 2004.

Courses Taught


2015 Comparative Education: International Development Education (EDST535)

2015 Institutions of Adult Education (ADHE328)

2015   Adult Education and Community (EDST516)

2015   Gender and Social Structures in Modern Asia (GRSJ 235 001)

2014   Institutions of Adult Education (ADHE328 online)

2014   Gender and Representation in Asia (GRSJ 230 001)

2014   Society, Culture and Politics in Education (EDST585)

2013   L’éducation, L’éducation aux Médias et La Citoyenneté (EDST402, French cohort)

2013   Education, School, and Society (EDST 401, French cohort)

2011   Doctoral Seminar in Advanced Methodologies in Education (EDST601B)

2011   Social Issues in Education: Multicultural Citizenship (EDUC314)

2011   Perspectives on Adult Education Practice: Focus on Community Service Learning (EDST520)

2010   Comparative Education: International Development Education (EDST523)

2010   Film, Storytelling and Social Justice Research (ADHE565)

2010   Doctoral Seminar in Advanced Methodologies in Education (601B)

2009   Adult Education and Community (ADHE501)

2009   Global Public Health and Education (ADHE565)

2009   Film, Storytelling and Social Justice Research (ADHE565)

2009   Islam and Multicultural Citizenship (ADHE565)

2008   HIV/AIDS and Education (ADHE565)

2008   Adult Education and Community (ADHE501)

2008   Learning to Be… Canadian: Immigration, Citizenship and Education (ADHE565)

2007   Foundations in Adult Education (ADHE500)

2007   Comparative and International Education: Educational Multilateralism and Globalization (ADHE535)

2007   Methods: Approaches in Social Justice Research (EADM501)

2007   Globalization, Education and Citizenship (EDST429)

2006   International Human Rights, Transnational Social Movements & Education (CCFI565b)

2006   Social Issues in Education (EDST 314)

2004   Directed Readings: Feminist Studies in Education (EDST560)

2004   Educational Multilateralism and Global Democracy (ADHE 535)

2004   Sociology of Education: Global Citizenship Education (EDST429)

2003   Gender, Education and Globalization (ADHE 565B)

2002   New Institutionalism in Asia: Regionalism and Multilateral Governance (IAR 505)

2001   Gender and Politics (POLI 329)

Adult Education and Community
Community Work:

2009 -Board Member, the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)

2009 -COLUMNIST, Singtao Chinese Daily.

2007-present MEMBER, Women’s Committee, Canadian Association of University Teachers.

2007-present STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBER, Centre for Cultural, Identity and Education, UBC.

2007-present RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

2007-present BOARD MEMBER, Chinese Canadian Historical Society.

2007-present FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBER, UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian studies.


2006 SELECTION COMMITTEE MEMBER. US-Japan Program Advanced Research Fellowship. Harvard University.

2005-present Peer REVIEWER: Grant Agencies

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Standard Research Grants. National Science Foundation research grants. Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership research grants.

2005-present CONSULTANT, Feminist Studies.

2005 DISCUSSANT, Remaking Transnationalism: Japan, Foreign Aid, and the Search for Global Solutions, Abe Fellowship Program, Center for Global Partnership-Social Science Research Center Seminar Series. Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University.

2004 GUEST LECTURER on “Gender and Human Rights Politics in Japan”, Poli322, Japanese Government and Politics. University of British Columbia.

2003 DISCUSSANT, “International Workshop on University Reform in Six Countries,” organized by the Center for Higher Education Policy, University of British Columbia.

2003-2004 INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS COMMITTEE MEMBER, Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia.

2003-2004 PHD MANAGEMENT AND ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE MEMBER, Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia.

2003-present VOLUNTEER TRANSLATOR, Japan Civil Liberties Union.


2001-present PEER REVIEWER: Journals

Journal of Curriculm Studies. International Jounral of Lifelong Education. Feminist Studies. Comparative Education Review. Canadian Journal of Education. Canadian Journal of Higher Education. Resources for Feminist Research. Sage Publications. Canadian Scholars’ Press/Women’s Press. Thirdspace, online graduate student journal in Women’s Studies, Resources for Feminist Research.