Professor of Teaching


Dr. Steve Cardwell is Professor of Teaching at UBC. Steve has been an educator for over 35 years. He began his career teaching high school science and biology. He was most recently the Superintendent/CEO with the Vancouver School District and previously Superintendent in the Delta School District. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from SFU with a focus on student engagement and an MA, BSc and Professional Teaching Certificate from UBC.

Steve has been a leader throughout his career including serving as President of the BC Science Teachers’ Association (BCScTA) and President of the BC School Superintendents’ Association (BCSSA). He is a Director on the Science World Board, a member of the BC Technology Education Careers Council, serves on the Canadian Education Association Council (CEA), and is a trustee on the Board for Learning Forward. Steve is also a BC Offshore Schools Inspector.

Steve was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 for his outstanding service to public education. In 2015, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the BCSSA for his long contributions to the field.



Professor of Teaching, UBC 2015-2018

Director – Transformative Educational Leadership

Scholar Practitioner with the Education University of Hong Kong (previously HK Institute of Education).

Teaching and Coordination duties

  •          EDST 532 (2015/16: 021/w2; 2015/16: 093/s1; 2016/17: 022/w1)
  •          EDST 561 (2015/16: s1)
  •          EDST 598 (2015/16: s1)
  •          EDST 580 (2016: w1)
  •          EDST 565A (2016/17: s1)
  •          EDST 501/553A (2017/2018: w2)
  •          Prior Faculty Associate at UBC and sessional at SFU: (~6 years 1989-1995)
  •          EDL1: Delta-Langley Cohort coordination (2016-2017)

UBC EDST Hiring Committees – External (Assistant professors):

  • Dr. Fei Wang
  • Dr. Taylor Webb
  • Dr. Hartej Gill

 MA Oral Defenses:

  • Dan Wyper (MA, 2013)
  • Mariam Pirbhai (MA, 2015)

 MEd Reader:

  • Catherine Jefferson (MEd. 2016)
  • Trevor Gale (MEd. 2015)

MEd Discussant:

  • Wen Shen, Chang Lyu and Sophie Ji (MEd. 2016)
  • Karen Burroughs-Chan, Vince Chan, Trevor Shuto, and Betty Tran (MEd. 2015)



Learning Forward 2016; CSSE 2015; UBC FoE 2014, 2015

HK Institute of Education (2016)

Beijing International Education seminars (BIEE), (2016)


Paper reviews:

CSSE (2015, 2016)

Journal of Educational Administration (JEA) (2015, 2016)


Education Panel Reviewer

Global Undergraduate Awards Program (2015)


Boards and Councils:

  • Learning Forward
  • Canadian Education Association (CEA)
  • Science World
  • Technology Education Careers Council (TECC)

Previous Boards and Councils:

  • BC Council for International Education (BCCIE)
  • BC Council for Admissions and Transfers (BCCAT)
  • BC School Superintendents Association (BCSSA)
  • Technology Education Teacher Education Program Advisory (BCIT)
  • External Advisory Committee (FoE – UBC)


For more information about Dr. Cardwell, see:

Courses Taught

EDST 532 (2015/16: 021/w2; 2015/16: 093/s1; 2016/17: 022/w1)

EDST 561 (2015/16: s1)

EDST 598 (2015/16: s1)

EDST 580 (2016: w1)

EDST 565A (2016/17: s1)

EDST 501/553A (2017/2018: w2)