GAA 2018/2019 Winter Positions

Applications are invited for a GAA position described below. The position is 10 hours per week; salary for the period based on an 8 month appointment is $7990 for each Doctoral student and $7900 for each Master’s level student. Appointment covers the period September 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019.

Applications should include a brief statement describing your qualifications for the position and a current CV. The hiring committee will be the Head, Deputy Head, Graduate Advisor, or their designates.

Please submit your applications to Shermila Salgadoe, Ponderosa Oak House.  Please use the GAA application form, which can be found in the column to the left.



  1. Peer Academic Advisor (1 position)

The Peer Academic Advisor provides valuable service for all EDST graduate students, including student-to-student academic counselling.  Information and support will be provided to students that have questions or concerns about degree requirements, policies, procedures, traditions, expectations, and available resources. In addition to academic concerns, the Peer Academic Advisor will assist EDST students who are new to Vancouver (e.g., housing advice, social networks). The duties include providing opportunities for face-to-face meetings and virtual office hours via Connect, UBC’s online Learning Management System. Synchronous meetings will be held through the discussion board forum of Connect and asynchronous support will be provided through the use of the announcement, blog and other functions of Connect. Relevant information will be posted on the students’ Connect site by posting materials. The Peer Academic Advisor will serve on the Graduate Programs Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GPACC). This position may serve on the EDST Executive Committee and as voting members of the Department Meeting, depending on the student body’s approach to governance. The GAA will assist in the planning and coordinating of students’ events (e.g., EDST Research Day, student orientation).  The GAA will work closely with the Graduate Program Assistant to ensure that the student handbook is up-to-date, and that students are aware of awards and other funding opportunities. The Peer Academic Advisor will participate in the planning and delivery of EDST orientation for all incoming students. This GAA will be supervised by and report to the EDST Graduate Advisor.

Preference will be given to a doctoral student in the second or later year of their program who is thoroughly familiar with the department and the university.