October 5, 2018

Denneisha Griffin-Pinnock receives Rick Hansen “Man in Motion” Fellowship

Congratulations to Denneisha Griffin-Pinnock (M.Ed, ALE) who is the recipient of a Rick Hansen “Man in Motion” Fellowship! Well done, Denneisha! The Rick Hansen “Man in Motion” Fellowships are made available by the University of British Columbia to honour the incredible determination and many personal achievements of Rick Hansen, Bachelor (Physical Education), 1986 and Doctor […]


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September 21, 2018

EDST PhD alumni, Dr. Greg Younging, to receive 2018 Gray Campbell Distinguished Service Award

Greg Younging, EDST PhD alumni, will receive the 2018 Gray Campbell Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Book Publishers of BC. The award recognizes Dr. Younging’s outstanding contributions to the province’s publishing industry over the years. Dr. Younging is an Assistant Professor at UBC-O, and has been a SAGE mentor for the Indigenous students […]


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September 17, 2018

MA Student Annie Montague receives Janusz Korczak Scholarship

EDST MA student Annie Montague has been awarded the Janusz Korczak Scholarship from the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada (2017/2018) for outstanding scholarship in the area of childhood and education. Annie’s research explores the intersection of Early Childhood Education and Education for Sustainability, focusing on how progressive educational models in diverse settings shape young learner’s […]


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September 12, 2018

New Publication from Dr. Kapil Regmi

“Foundational Models of Development, Underlying Assumptions and Critiques” by EDST’s Dr. Kapil Regmi has been published in Social Change. Abstract: Several theories of development (mainly modernisation, dependency, world system and postcolonial) are found in the current body of literature. However, the similarities and differences of these theories are not clearly articulated. This article has reviewed key scholarly literature […]


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September 10, 2018

Dr. Mona Gleason, EDST Department Head

We are excited to start the new term with Dr. Mona Gleason as our new Department Head of Educational Studies, effective September 1, 2018. Dr. Gleason is a Professor in EDST, a historian of education and children in Canada, and has extensive leadership experience serving in multiple administrative roles in the University, including EDST Deputy […]


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July 27, 2018

Congratulations to PSI Award Recipients Stephanie Glick and Keith Dormond

Inaugurated in 2015, the UBC Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) is designed to support UBC doctoral students as they strive for purposeful social contribution, produce new and creative forms of scholarship and dissertations, and explore diverse career pathways. Stephanie Glick’s project funded by the Public Scholar Initiative for 2018-2019 From Graphic Violence to Graphic Novel: Engaging […]


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July 17, 2018

New Publications from Dr. Lesley Andres

Vertically segregated higher education and the life course: Comparing patterns over 28 years Lesley Andres and Ashley Pullman First major study of equity and excellence in an era of widening participation. Draws on global case studies from Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USExplores the ways institutions are raising equity aspirations whilst maintaining academic […]


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July 13, 2018

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Faculty of Education International Research Visiting Fellowships!

EDST’s Dr. Shauna Butterwick will host Dr. Barbara Merrill, Associate Professor in Lifelong Learning, Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. While at UBC, visiting fellows will engage in high quality collaborative and innovative research with faculty and graduate student researchers in the Faculty of Education.  The International Research Visiting Fellowship […]


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July 9, 2018

New Publication from EDST’s Dr. Alison Taylor and Dr. Shauna Butterwick

Congratulations to EDST’s Alison Taylor and Shauna Butterwick, along with Robyn Taylor-Neu, who’s article “‘Trying to square the circle’: Research ethics and Canadian higher education” has been published in the European Educational Research Journal. This article is available here for download. Abstract: At the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in 2016, a panel presented the findings […]


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July 5, 2018

Esraa Al-Muftah leads editing of the 2018 development yearbook

EDST doctoral student, Esraa Al-Muftah, leads the editing of the 2018 development yearbook on the Gulf Cooperation Council region: The Constant and the Changing 2018: Development in the Margins of the Gulf Edited by Esraa Al-Muftah, Khalil Bohazza, and Omar AlShehabi Kuwait: Gulf Center for Development Policies, 2018. The edited yearbook is a yearly publication […]


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