March 27, 2018

Department of Educational Studies
Critical Dialogues Seminar Series

Community-university engagement: Chasms, chiasms, binaries,
and leaps of faith

Seminar with Dr. Alison Taylor and Stephanie Glick
Tuesday, March 27th, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Ponderosa Commons Oak House, Room 2012

Community-university engagement is part of the draft UBC strategic plan and vision, and unpacking the phrase is important. Thus, our dialogue poses the following questions: How do we (as faculty member and PhD student) think about the responsibility of the university regarding community-university engagement? How do we ground (and justify) this work theoretically? How do we address the realities that engaging with vulnerable and historically marginalized communities can be particularly fraught with tensions and challenges without becoming immobilized? To engage these questions, we draw on our experiences with community-university engagement and community service learning including: a TLEF initiative looking at effective partnerships in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, experience co-teaching an undergraduate course at the UBC Learning Exchange, and a research study that explored the experiences of university graduates in eastern Canada who participated in service learning. Theoretically, we draw on ideas from sociocultural learning theories, critical pedagogy, and Indigenous epistemologies.