Message from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Educational Studies at UBC Vancouver.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. W. B. Yeats

We strive to light the fire and the passion of educational leaders as we prepare educators, administrators, policy makers, and researchers for a broad array of educational settings, and in support of lifelong learning.  Our faculty members and students, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, are unified by their commitment to equity, social justice, and transformational education.  Our overarching goal is to provide leadership, through critical and transformative approaches, in the scholarship of discovery, teaching and learning, and application.  You will find many of our graduates employed as K-12 teachers, school principals, superintendents, professors, deans, senior policy makers, and consultants, or engaged in other sectors of society, such as the mental health system, and non-governmental, community-based organizations.

Our multidisciplinary faculty members are widely recognized, in Canada and internationally, for their outstanding scholarship.  We have a unique mix of scholars, including philosophers, specialists in higher education, historians, experts in adult education, sociologists, political economists, and specialists in educational administration and leadership, which provides a broad range of opportunities for students and research trainees.  Consequently, we are characterized by our theoretical depth, methodological and epistemological diversity, expertise in Indigenous education, and community engagement.

Our purpose is to provide an innovative, flexible learning environment that respects the knowledge, experience, and life circumstances of our students.  We offer programs in a variety of modes: on campus, off campus, in “cohort” programs, through an international online program, and in summer and evening courses.  Our students are encouraged to challenge their everyday thinking and assumptions about education and to deconstruct taken-for-granted ideas.  We encourage our students to take courses across the range of programs we offer and those offered by other departments in the Faculty of Education and other UBC faculties.

At the master’s level, we offer a Master of Arts Program in Educational Studies (MA) and several Master of Education (MEd) programs, including Adult Learning and Education, Adult Learning and Global Change, Curriculum and Leadership (a collaborative program with the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy), Educational Administration and Leadership, Higher Education, Society, Culture and Politics in Education, and the Ts’‘kel Program.

At the doctoral level, we offer programs leading to the degree, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EdD) and to the degree, Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies.

I encourage you to browse our web pages where you will find detailed information about our programs, our faculty members, their research programs, and the broad array of activities sponsored by our department.  I think that you’ll agree that we are a vibrant community of scholars that has contributed to the making of a better world.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our scholarship or programs, or for the contact information of current students or graduates, who can tell you more about our Department and from a student’s perspective.

Pam Ratner, PhD, FCAHS
Head, pro tem