New Publication co-authored by Dr. Gerald Fallon

‘Rethinking Creativity from the “South”: Alternative Horizons Toward Strengthening Community-Based Well-Being’ was co-authored by Dr. Gerald Fallon (EDST) and Dr. Zayda Sierra (University of Antioquia) and has been published in The Palgrave Handbook of Creativity and Culture Research.

Chapter abstract: 

In this chapter, the authors discuss the notion of competing sociocultural paradigms, including the ones that bring together perspectives of the South, and their impact on interpreting the concept of creativity. The authors explore the ways different notions of creativity from our experiences with diverse rural communities in Colombia. This country has been dominated by a model of development based on extraction of natural resources. In addition, the authors show how these communities resist and try to make possible the creation of new imaginings of well-being and development. The discussion is guided by the following two questions: (1) In what socio-cultural paradigm and epistemic framework (way of knowing) should we ground our view of the purpose of creative actions? (2) What are other possibilities are available beyond Western modernity and its legacy to consider what counts as valid knowledge about creativity? In their conclusion, the authors outline the necessity of considering cross-cultural dialogue about conceptions and practices of creativity as ways of creating imaginaries of well-being and development anchored into rural communities’ own expectations towards equity, justice, reciprocity, and complementarity.

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