New Publication from Dr. Kapil Regmi

“Foundational Models of Development, Underlying Assumptions and Critiques” by EDST’s Dr. Kapil Regmi has been published in Social Change.

Abstract: Several theories of development (mainly modernisation, dependency, world system and postcolonial) are found in the current body of literature. However, the similarities and differences of these theories are not clearly articulated. This article has reviewed key scholarly literature in this field and found that major theories of development stem from three foundational models: modernist, dependency and post-development. The modernist model assumes that development a form of positive change in human societies, occurs in stages and has a fixed route applicable to all societies. The dependency model, on the other hand, challenges the assumptions of the modernist model and argues that the socio-economic prosperity of developing countries is not possible without dismantling the global capitalistic system. Finally, the post-development model challenges the assumptions of the modernist and dependency models and argues that development is an ideological discourse constructed by the West and hence we need alternatives to development theories.

Read the full text here.