Video of 2012 Inter-University Graduate Seminar

Newly released: Video log from the 2012 Inter-University Graduate Seminar

The Inter-University Graduate Seminar in Educational Research is an annual graduate student scholarly event hosted by the Department of Educational Studies (EDST) in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The first Seminar took place as a pilot project in June 2012 at Thea’s Lounge at UBC. Convened by Dr. André Mazawi, Professor at the Department of Educational Studies, the Seminar brought together graduate students from various universities to celebrate and share their work in a collegial, inspiring, constructive, and supportive environment.

This year’s Seminar was organized around four thematic panels: (1) Indigenous Knowledge, Cultural Identities, Learning; (2) Media, Lived Experiences, Resistance; (3) Higher Education, Politics, Citizenship; (4) Policies, Intentions, Consequences. The Seminar is an inter-disciplinary space where participants productively engage new fields of study and innovative research methodologies. It is also a social space where participants establish contact and build meaningful intellectual engagements with peers beyond their respective home university and/or academic program.