Academic Research & Publication Assistant

Applications are invited for the GAA position described below. The position is 10 hours per week; salary for the period based on an 8-month appointment is $8000 for each Doctoral student and $7900 for each Master’s level student. Appointment cover the period September 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023. Possibility of extension for up to two years.

Applications should include a brief statement describing your qualifications for the position and a current CV. The hiring committee will be the Head, Deputy Head, Graduate Advisor, or their designates.

Please submit your application to Shermila Salgadoe via e-mail at  please use the GAA application form at GAA posting


Academic Research & Publication Assistant (1 position)

The Academic Research & Publication Assistant will be positioned to support the professional development of graduate students, especially with respect to their scholarly activity.  The GAA will be a community builder who will plan workshops and events, with the assistance of others, aimed at supporting students’ skill development in academic writing and publishing, preparing for ethical review, oral and poster presentations, scholarship and research funding application, and career development.  In addition to academic events, the Academic Research & Publication Assistant will aid in the planning of students’ gatherings and social events (e.g., EDST Research Day).

The Academic Research & Publications Assistant will facilitate the dissemination of information related to publication venues and the publication protocols of various journals, introduce students to information regarding existing and new journals and publishers, disseminate information regarding conferences for students or where students can participate, maintain a regular flow of information regarding any aspect of scholarly research, interface with the Faculty of Education, Office of Research in Education regarding funding and other matters.  The GAA will encourage and support students’ writing and publication by planning and coordinating workshops and events related to publication protocols and by establishing, guiding, and developing mentoring and peer support opportunities aimed at providing feedback on students’ work including abstracts, conference oral and poster presentations, and journal submissions.

The Academic Research & Publications Assistant will work closely with the Peer Academic Advisor on the planning and coordinating of monthly events for students that cater to students’ interests and needs. The team of GAAs will work on organizing events that contribute to students’ professional development, networking and community building. The job duties include surveying students’ needs, event planning, reaching out to potential workshop facilitators, room booking, designing posters, developing and sending monthly newsletter and event reminders as well as audio or video recording the events upon request. The GAAs will also update the EDST GAA blog with relevant information including audio/video recordings, resources, and information about upcoming events. The GAAs will contribute to planning and conducting the EDST orientation and the EDST Research Day for students.

The GAA in this position may serve as a voting member on one of the following committees: the Graduate Programs Advisory and Curriculum Committee (GPACC), the EDST Head’s Advisory Committee, the Department Meeting, or the Graduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (GCAC). As a committee member, the GAA works with student representatives and the larger EDST student body to advocate for students within the department. As a member of the GAA team, they will encourage students to nominate themselves for various student representative positions and help to organize elections if needed at the beginning of the academic year.

  • The GAA will report to the Graduate Advisor.
  • Knowledge of WordPress for updating the GAA blog is an asset.
  • Experience in creating posters and newsletters is an asset.
  • Experience in community building and organizing student events is an asset.