Dr. Michelle Stack to give Keynote at 2018 AERC

EDST’s Dr. Michelle Stack will be giving the opening keynote at the 2018 Adult Education Research Conference (AERC), which will take place from June 7 – 10 at the University of Victoria.

The title and description of Dr. Stack’s talk can be found below.


Adult Media Education and Changing the Conversation through Media Engagement

Media education is often seen as something children need, implying that, somehow, adults magically emerge as making informed choices about what media to engage, and who and what to believe. However, it is not children who make political decisions that normalize white supremacy, greed and misogyny. Nor is it children who allow other children to buy guns or destroy the natural world.

I focus on what role adult education plays in facilitating urgently needed conversations and strategies for other ways of being together and with the planet.

How do adults make decisions about who and what is worthy of love, attention, care, rights and resources? In particular, on what basis do policymakers and journalists determine priorities based on their values and beliefs?This talk will include a mini-tour of research about the role of media in setting the parameters for educational policy. Next, the audience will be invited to consider the importance of media education (including an understanding of how algorithms operate) in thinking through how to strategically intervene with the intention of expanding public debates about policy.

Finally, I will bring in examples of activists, educators, researchers and students who engage media to widen who and what counts in debates about education.