Esraa Al-Muftah leads editing of the 2018 development yearbook

EDST doctoral student, Esraa Al-Muftah, leads the editing of the 2018 development yearbook on the Gulf Cooperation Council region:

The Constant and the Changing 2018: Development in the Margins of the Gulf

Edited by Esraa Al-Muftah, Khalil Bohazza, and Omar AlShehabi
Kuwait: Gulf Center for Development Policies, 2018.

The edited yearbook is a yearly publication in Arabic. The 2018 volume includes critical studies, among other, on the marginalization of women in the Gulf, expatriate labour, the Saudi Arabian women movement, family law, academic freedom, and the representation of women in social science textbooks. The volume engages heads on the social, political, and economic dynamics affecting Gulf society. The full text volume is downloadable here.