I love teaching and I am passionate about adult learning and education. Over the past 20 years I have taught and planned programs for adult learners in an array of formal and non-formal contexts and have been teaching and developing curricula for undergraduate and graduate courses at UBC since 2008 in both face to face and on-line learning environments. I am interested in the relationship between democracy and education, the learning that unfolds in social movements and their public pedagogy, popular education, the political economy of adult and higher education, and the role of emotions in teaching and learning.


The University of British Columbia, 2011, PhD (Educational Studies – Adult Education)

Courses Taught

Adult Learning and Education Program


ADHE 327 (Teaching Adults)

ADHE 329 (Planning Short Courses, Workshops and Seminars)

ADHE 412 (An Overview of Adult Education)


EDST 514 (Adult Education Program Planning Theory)

EDST 520 (Perspectives on Adult Education Practice: Social Movements, Political Learning and Popular Education)

EDST 565 (Social Movement Learning)

Adult Learning and Global Change Master’s Program

EDST 575 (Work and Learning)

Teacher Education Program

EDST 314 (Social Issues in Education)




Faculty of Education Sessional & Lecturer Teaching Prize, UBC (2015)