Associate Professor Emeritus


David Coulter joined the Faculty of Education in 1995 after working in Quebec and Manitoba schools for more than 25 years. At various times in his career, he has been a classroom teacher in both elementary and secondary schools, a consultant, a school principal, and a superintendent.

Research Projects

Educational judgment including: conceptions of education in a pluralist, democratic society; educational teaching and educational leadership; educational action research.

Selected Publications

Coulter, D. L. & Wiens, J. R. (Eds.) (2008). Why Do We Educate? Renewing the Conversation, The 107th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Vol. 1. Boston: Wiley-Blackwell.

Coulter, D. (2002). Creating common and uncommon worlds: using discourse ethics to decide public and private in classrooms, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 34 (1), 25-42.

Coulter, D. & Wiens, J.R. (2002). Educational judgment: Linking the actor and the spectator. Educational Researcher, 31 (4), 15-25.

Courses Taught

EADM 581 Leadership, Administration and the Aims of Education
EDST 601 EdD Doctoral Seminar
EADM 565 Fostering Educational Judgment