Professor Emeritus


University of British Columbia, 1982, EdD, History of education
University of California at Berkeley, 1970, MLS, Librarianship
Harvard University, 1963, MA, Russian studies
Macalester College, 1961, BA, International relations and history

Selected Publications


Edited with Cheryl Suzack, Jeanne Perreault, and Shari Huhndorf, Indigenous Women and Feminism: Politics,

Activism, Culture.  Vancouver: UBC Press, forthcoming.

British Columbia:  Spirit of the People.   Madeira Park, BC: Harbour for BC150 and the Province of British

            Columbia, 2008.

Edited with Robert A.J. McDonald and Jill Wade, Readings in the History of British Columbia. 3rd ed.

Kamloops: Thompson Rivers University, 2008. Also Burnaby: Open Learning Agency, 1997;


The West beyond the West: A History of British Columbia. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 3rd. ed.,

2007, rev. 1996, orig. 1991

With Jan Hare. Good Intentions Gone Awry: Emma Cosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest


. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2006.

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“Neighbourhood and Community in Interwar Vancouver: Residential Differentiation and Civic Voting
Behaviour,” 97-141 in McDonald and Barman, ed., Vancouver Past above.

Community Work

Academic member, Archives and History Committee, United Church of Canada, 2009-
Heritage consultant, City of Vancouver, City of Richmond, City of New Westminster,
Salmon Arm, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Convention Centre
projects, 2005-
Board member, Friends of the Vancouver Archives, 2004-
Board member, Chinese Canadian History Society of British Columbia, 2003-
Member, BC150 BC Moments Panel, Speaker’s Office, BC Government, 2008-09
Judge, Province of Saskatchewan book prizes, 2008
Consultant, Parks Canada, 2004-08
Director, Pacific BookWorld News Society (BC BookWorld), 1994-
Member, Vancouver City Council, Downtown Historic Greenway Committee, 2002-5
Member, Vancouver Museum Revitalization Project, 2001-02
Regular contributor, Almanac program, CBC Vancouver, 1998-2002
Director, BC Heritage Trust, 1992-99, first vice-chair, 1994-98, chair 1998-99