F.R.S.C., former President of the Canadian Historical Association, founding Director of UBC’s Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies.

Research Projects

Liberal Hearts and Coronets: the Lives and Times of Ishbel Marjoribanks Gordon and John Gordon, the Aberdeens.
A Short History of Canadian Women.

Selected Publications


«Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, or Not: Aunts and Caregiving in Canada» Journal of Comparative Family History, forthcoming 2009-10.

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Courses Taught

EDST 314: Social Issues in Education
EDST 426E: History of Childhood and Youth
EDST 502A: Growing Up in History: The Meanings of Childhood
WMST 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WMST 205: Women In Canada Pre-Contact to 1920 WMST 210: Women In Canada 1920 to the Present

Community Work

and Gillian Creese, ‘Still Waiting for Justice–Update 2009: Provincial Politics and Gender Inequality in BC 2001-2008,’ Commissioned Report, BC Federation of Labour, 8 March 2009.