Gabriella Maestrini receives Mitacs award

Congratulations to EDST PhD student Gabriella Maestrini, who received Mitacs funding for her project, No pierden el humor: Post-disaster humor in Mexico.


The formal study of humor in education is commonly centred around its therapeutic impact or as educational tool to bring about positive learning outcomes. Rarely is humor understood as a lens through which people might see the world and potentially learn. In this research, I advance the idea that humor has great pedagogic potential that people might use to create meaning of and in natural disasters. This meaning-making is grounded in a view that understanding of the world can be gained informally through collaborative and innovative engagement such as the production, distribution and engagement with humor. For this 3-month project, first a four-week online, non-formal activity is planned at CUAED/ UNAM in Mexico City. Students from UNAM then are invited to explore humor as a cultural expression or cultural memory process in the Mexican context connecting it to disasters such as the 2017 earthquakes. At the end of the three months, the findings will be shared campus-wide through an exhibit and a campus paper publication at UNAM to facilitate discussion among students, faculty and researchers.