Isabeau wins the George L. Geis Dissertation Award – CSSHE

Isabeau Iqbal our Ph.D. graduate (November, 2012) Dissertation title Faculty Members’ Professional Growth in Teaching Through the Summative Peer Review of Teaching and Other Departmental Practices”.

Message from Peggy Patterson, Chair, CSSHE

Dear Dr. Iqbal,

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive the George L. Geis Dissertation Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education(CSSHE). Congratulations!!

    The Selection Committee was impressed by both the focus of your research, the peer review of teaching, and by the care with which you assembled your results. Your research also has the potential to enhance the both the practices of peer review  and teaching and learning.

    Dr.  Iqbal,  the award will be presented on  Monday, May 3rd at 11:30 a.m.  at the Annual General Meeting of CSSHE that is being held in Room A120 in the Social Sciences and Mathematics Building at the University of Victoria. A lunch and special presentation will also be made at that time.

             Then on Tuesday, June 4th, between 8:30 and 9:45 a.m. both you and the Master’s Degree  Award winner are invited to make a presentation on your research  in Room A170 of the Human and Social Development building, again  at UVic.  


           Congratulations Dr. Iqbal. I sincerely look forward to meeting you and to learning more about your work, as well.


                                              Dr. Peggy Patterson, Chair,

                                             Geis Dissertation Award Committee- CSSHE



Dr.  Peggy Patterson

Post-secondary Leadership

Faculty of Education, and

Interim Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta


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