November 22, 2018

EDST Critical Dialogues Seminar Series

Fostering school leadership and educational change in Europe

Findings from an international program for school professionals from the Netherlands, Estonia, The Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Seminar with Dr. Frank Brückel,  Zurich University of Teacher Education
Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 | 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. | PCOH 2012

Schools in Europe face a wide variety of challenges including improving educational outcomes, creating more equal opportunities for kids of all ages, and incorporating new developments in ICT and digital media within the teaching and learning process. All these challenges can be taken up through policy initiatives at the national, regional or local level. However, for sustainable change that fits within the local context of a school, it is essential that changes are not initiated from outside the school, but taken up from within. This requires the development of adaptive school cultures.
An international collaboration of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia and Liechtenstein developed a joint in-service master’s level program which aims to bring principals and teachers of all countries together.
The main thrust of the program is twofold: First, participants discuss societal trends in order to deduce possible implications for education and for their own school. Second, in order to help the participants develop adaptive school cultures, the program focuses on the topics of leadership and change processes.
The program is accompanied by an evaluation which focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills embedded in the program into local school development processes.
The presentation describes aims of the project, its general approach, the method of evaluation and the main outcomes of the program.