The Second Inter-University Graduate Seminar in Educational Research

The Second Inter-University Graduate Seminar in Educational Research will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2013, from 08:15 to 16:00, at UBC’s Thea’s Lounge.

The Seminar’s programme can be downloaded from this location.

The Inter-University Seminar in Educational Research is a graduate student scholarly event. It brings together students from various universities to celebrate and share their work in a collegial, inspiring, constructive, and supportive environment. The Seminar is an inter-disciplinary space where participants productively engage new fields of study and innovative research methodologies. It is also a social space, where participants establish contact and build meaningful intellectual engagements with peers beyond their respective home university and/or academic programme. On June 1st, magistral and doctoral students will be presenting and discussing their research.

Participation is free and no registration fees are required. To allow planning, please RSVP by simply emailing your name and graduate programme affiliation to <>, by Monday, May 27, 10:00am, at the very latest. 

This year, the Seminar papers are organized in three thematic panels:

1. Indigenous Knowledge, Cultural Identities, Learning critically examines the legacies and power relations that underpin experiences of schooling, policies, and learning in Indigenous communities    .

2. Migration, Development, New Society critically examines the politics of immigration and development in North and South social contexts and the implications for a socially just society.

3. Space, Art, Education critically examines the place art holds in the perceptions, choices, anticipations, and dissent of people active in diverse contexts of education, schooling, and politics.

Each presentation is based on a full paper written especially for the Inter-University Graduate Seminar, following adjudication and referee’s feedback undertaken over the past year.

Please feel free to disseminate the programme and information among peers and colleagues.