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Please note that I am on study leave from August 2014 to September 2015 and will not be taking on new student supervision duties until after my return.


Mona Gleason is a professor in the Department of Educational Studies, specializing in the history of children and youth and the history of education. She teaches and researches in the areas of critical approaches to children and youth, gender and sexuality, the body, race and nation, research methods in education, and schooling and the family.  Mona is the recipient of a number of research awards and, along with Tamara Myers, is co-founder of the History of Children and Youth Group of the Canadian Historical Association. She is past Vice President of the Canadian History of Education Association and is currently Vice President (President Elect in 2015) of the Society for the History of Children and Youth. She has supervised and co-supervised graduate students in a wide-range of topics: decolonizing education, the privatization and marginalization of Muslim women’s bodies post 911, autobiographical approaches to the history of family, and schooling, mothering and language learning, Indigenous priorities in schooling, gender culture in kindergarten, sexuality and HIV prevention education in the context of South Africa, and educational leadership as a key concept in Early Childhood Education.

Mona’s research has focused on children’s varied experiences with social inequality, shaped by race, class, gender, size, and age, and the role that educational and medical professionals have played both in deepening and mitigating inequality. The responses of young people and their families to these interventions are centrally important in her work. She is the author of two books and the co-editor of five books on topics foregrounding the history of children and education in multiple contexts. Her publications appear in the History of Education Quarterly, the Canadian Historical Review, the Journal of Family History, the Journal of Canadian Studies, and Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures. With Veronica Strong-Boag, she contributed an article to the multi-volume Cultural History of Childhood and the Family.  Along with co-author Tamara Myers, she contributed a 30-page entry on the “History of Childhood in Canada” to the Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies.  She is also the author of a number of book chapters on the history of children’s bodies and their medical treatment, children with disabilities, and children and gender identity.  Her current research project explores children’s relationship with their environment in the past and how this might inform contemporary approaches to environmental education in British Columbian schools. Mona and Tamara Myers are currently co-editing a collection of essays highlighting cutting edge research in the history of children and youth in Canada. That collection will appear in 2015 from the University of Toronto Press.

Mona has contributed to the Department of Educational Studies in a number of major service and administrative roles. She has acted as Deputy Head and as co-ordinator of the Society, Culture and Politics in Education (SCPE) concentration. Mona is currently serving as Graduate Advisor (2013-2014).

Research and Scholarly Awards

  • Outstanding Article Award, Society for the History of Children and Youth, 2001-2002
  • Early Career Scholar Award, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study, 2005 -2006 (UBC)
  • Hampton Research Grant, Large Grant, 2005; Small Grant, 2001 (UBC)
  • Spencer Foundation Grant, 2006-2009 (USA)
  • Arts Alumni Research Award, University of Waterloo, 2007 (Canada)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant, 2001-2004; 2007-2010
  • Best Article, English Language, Canadian History of Education Association, 2010-2011 (*co-authored with Drs. Clark and Petrina)
  • Hampton Research Grant, Large Grant, 2013


University of Western Ontario, BA
University of Windsor, MA
University of Waterloo, PhD

Research Projects

The Land is My School: Children and the Landscape in British Columbia’s Past and the Enrichment of Contemporary Environmental Learning

Role: Principal Investigator. Granting Agency: Hampton Research Grant

Professional attitudes towards the Disabled Child in Twentieth Century Canada

Role: Principal Investigator. Granting Agency: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Troubling ‘Normal’: Education and the Disabled Child in Canada, 1850 to 1970

Role: Principal Investigator. Granting Agency: Spencer Foundation.

Building Healthy Children: Education, Medicine, and the Healthy Child in English Canada, 1850 to 1950

Role: Principal Investigator. Granting Agency: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Selected Publications


Single Authored:

Mona Gleason, Small Matters: Canadian Children in Sickness and Health, 1900 to 1940 (Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013)

Mona Gleason,  Normalizing the Ideal: Psychology, Schooling, and the Family in Postwar Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999)


Edited Collections:

Mona Gleason and Tamara Myers, eds., The Difference Kids Make: Bringing Children and Childhood into Canadian History (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming, 2015).

Mona Gleason, Tamara Myers, and Adele Perry, eds., Rethinking Canada – The Promise of Women’s History, 6th Edition (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2011)

Mona Gleason, Tamara Myers, Leslie Paris, and Veronica Strong-Boag, eds., Lost Kids: Vulnerable Children and Youth in Twentieth-Century Canada and the United States (Vancouver: University of Vancouver Press, 2009).

Mona Gleason and Adele Perry, eds., Rethinking Canada – The Promise of Women’s History, 5th Edition (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2006).

Jean Barman and Mona Gleason, eds., Children, Teachers, and Schools in the History of British Columbia, 2nd Edition (Calgary: Detselig Press, 2003)


Selected Refereed Journal Articles

Penney Clark, Mona Gleason and Stephen Petrina, “Preschools for Science? The Child Study Centre at the University of British Columbia, 1960-1997” History of Education Quarterly 52:1 (February 2012).

Gleason, M.  “In Search of History’s Child,” Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 1, 2 (2009): 125-135.

Gleason, M. “Between Education and Memory: Health and Childhood in English Canada, 1900-1950,” Scientia Canadensis 29, 1 (2006): 49-72.

Gleason, M. “From ‘Disgraceful Carelessness’ to ‘Intelligent Precaution’: Accidents and the Public Child in English-Canada, 1900 to 1950” Journal of Family History  30, 2 (April, 2005): 230-241.

Gleason, M. “Race, Class, and Health: School Medical Inspection and “Healthy” Children in British Columbia, 1890 to 1930,” Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 19 (2002): 95-112.

Gleason, M. “Disciplining the Student Body: Schooling and the Construction of Canadian Children’s Bodies, 1930 to 1960,” History of Education Quarterly 41, 2 (Summer 2001): 189-215.

Gleason, M. “Embodied Negotiations: Children’s Bodies and Historical Change in Canada, 1930-1960,” Journal of Canadian Studies 34, 1 (Spring 1999): 113-137.

Gleason, M. “The History of Psychology and the History of Education: What Can Interdisciplinary Research Offer?” Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation 9, 1 (Spring 1997): 98-106.

Gleason, M. “Psychology and the Construction of the ‘Normal’ Family in Postwar Canada, 1945-1960,” Canadian Historical Review 78, 3 (September, 1997): 442-477.

Gleason, M. “Disciplining Children, Disciplining Parents: The Nature and Meaning of Advice to Parents in Postwar Canada, 1945-1955,” Histoire sociale/Social History 29, 57 (May 1996): 187-210.

Gleason, M. “‘A Separate and Different’ Education: Women and Co-education at the University of Windsor’s Assumption College, 1950-1957,” Ontario History LXXXIV, 2 (June 1992):  119-131.

Book Chapters

Mona Gleason, “Navigating the Pedagogy of Failure: Medicine, Education and the Disabled Child in English Canada, 1900 to 1945,” in Graham Allan and Nathanel Lauster, eds., The End of Children? Changing Trends in Childbearing and Childhood (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2012), pp. 140-160

Mona Gleason and Veronica Strong-Boag, “Community,” in Joseph M. Hawes and N. Ray Hiner, A Cultural History of Childhood and Family, Volume 6, In the Modern Age (Oxford: Berg Publishing, 2010): 39-57.

Mona Gleason, “Lost Voices, Lost Bodies?: Doctors and the Embodiment of Children and Youth in English Canada from 1900 to 1940″ in Mona Gleason, Tamara Myers, Leslie Paris, and Veronica Strong-Boag, eds., Lost Kids: Vulnerable Children and Youth in Twentieth-Century Canada and the United States (Vancouver: University of Vancouver Press, 2009).

Mona Gleason, “Size Matters: Medical Experts, Educators, and the Provision of Health Services to Children in Early to Mid-Twentieth Century English Canada” in Cynthia Comacchio, Janet Golden, and George Weisz, eds., Healing the World’s Children: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Child Health in the Twentieth Century, (Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008).

Mona Gleason, “Constructing ‘Normal’ : Psychology and the Canadian Family, 1945-1960,” in Deborah Brock, ed., Making Normal – Social Regulation in Canada (Toronto: Thomson Nelson Publishing, 2003): 104–20.

Mona Gleason, “ ‘They Have a Bad Effect’: Crime Comics, Parliament, and the Hegemony of the Middle-Class in Postwar Canada, 1948-1960,” in John Lent, ed., Pulp Demons: International Dimensions of the Postwar Anti-Comics Campaign (Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999): 129-154.

Students Supervised


PhD Dissertation

Joyce Schneider, Indigenist Knowledge Seeking, Making and Activating: Building Community and Academy (co-supervision with J. Hare)

Anika Stafford, Exploring Everyday Gender Culture in a Vancouver Elementary Classroom.

Andreé Gacoin, Teaching empowerment?: Exploring the social relationships of teaching and learning about gender in the context of sexuality education for HIV prevention in South Africa. (Co-supervision with L. Loutzenheiser)


EdD Dissertation

Iris Berger,  Narration as Action:  The Potential of Pedagogical Narration for Leadership Enactment in Early Childhood Education Contexts (2013)


M.A. Thesis

Anthony Meza-Wilson, Educational Projects for Decolonization: Anti-authoritarian Allyship and Resistance Education in the Americas (2012)

Zahra Rasul, Official Spaces: An examination of the privatization and marginalization of Muslim women’s bodies in Canada post 9/11 (2006)

Jeannie Stubbs, Undressing the Body: A Narrative Inquiry Into Childhood (2006)

Isabeau Iqbal, Mothers’ Experiences of French Mothertongue Maintenance: Towards a Critical Literacy Approach (2003)

Courses Taught

EDST 314 Social Issues in Education

EDST 426 History of Education

EDST 455 History of Childhood and Youth

EDST 502A Growing Up in History: The Meanings of Childhood

EDST 506 Educating the Body: Physicality and Identity in Historical Perspective

EDST 509 Constructing “Citizens:” Canada and the Educational Past

EDST 571 Introduction to Educational Research: Relating Questions, Theories, and Methods (co-taught with Dr. Lesley Andres)

EDST 601 Doctoral Seminar