About EDST

The Department of Educational Studies (EDST) is a multi-disciplinary community of scholars who share an overarching interest in questions of equity and social justice in education. Our programmatic and research diversity is our strength.  We approach a range of questions in education from various disciplinary lenses, among them sociology, history, philosophy, and cultural studies.  Faculty in EDST contribute to both teacher education and graduate education and conduct research in critical policy studies, educational leadership and administration, adult education, the social foundations of education, including history and philosophy of education, Indigenous education, and global and comparative education. Amidst our diversity, we share a commitment to scholarly research that expands our understanding of education’s global influence and transformational potential.

Our faculty undertake research on a range of topics, including:

  • citizenship and human rights
  • higher education
  • critical multiculturalism
  • history of education
  • philosophy of education
  • educational leadership and policy
  • equity in education
  • Indigeneity and education
  • adult and community education and social movements