Graduate Courses

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 Note: No more than 6 credits taken in EDST 565 can count towards a degree.

Summer 2024


EDST 502A 97132MTWR9:0012:002024-07-022024-07-18Growing Up in History: Critical Approaches to Children and YouthGleason, Mona

Course info
EDST 503 61A322024-07-022024-08-09Foundations of Adult Learning and EducationGrain, Kari

EDST 508A 94132MTWRF13:0017:002024-07-152024-08-01Review of Research in Educational StudiesStack, MichelleAsynchronous from July 15th to July 19th.
In person from July 22 to July 26, 1:00 to 5:00pm – Off campus.
Asynchronous from July 29 to August 1.
Please contact Dr. Michelle Stack for registration:

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EDST 514 94131MW16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Adult Education Program Planning TheoryRegmi, Kapil

Course info
EDST 520 94131TR16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Perspectives on Adult Education PracticeGrain, Kari

Course info
EDST 528 95131TR16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Social Movements, Political Learning and Popular EducationVanwynsberghe, Rob

Course info
EDST 532 94131MW16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Leadership in Educational OrganizationsDaniels, Lyn

EDST 536 94131MW16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Higher Education Systems in CanadaStein, Sharon

Course info
EDST 542 971312024-05-132024-06-20Fostering Learning in PracticeFebruary, Colette

EDST 552 97132MTWRF13:3016:002024-07-222024-08-09School LawFallon, Gerald

Course info
EDST 557 97132MTWRF13:3016:002024-07-022024-07-19Professional Ethics and School LeadershipRocha, Sam

Course info
EDST 565D 93A31MT16:0018:002024-05-132024-06-20Special Course in Subject Matter FieldLouie, DustinOnline

Course info

Restricted to students in the MIED program
EDST 565B 97132T16:3019:302024-07-022024-08-09Special Course in Subject Matter FieldAl Shaibah, Arig

Topic: Organizational Theory and Leadership for Equity in Higher Education.
Tuesdays, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Fridays, 9 a.m. to noon
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EDST 572 94131TR16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Research, Writing, and RepresentationRocha, Sam

Course info
EDST 577 61A31TR16:3017:302024-05-132024-06-20Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics and PracticeKelly, Deirdre

VEL6 Course info
EDST 583B 94131TR16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Advanced Seminar in Educational Studies: Higher Education Confronting Climate ChangeStein, Sharon

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EDST 591 96A32MTWRFS9:0015:302024-07-022024-07-13Indigenous Epistemology and CurriculumBilly - Minnabarriet, Verna

EDST 591 97132MTWRF13:3016:002024-07-222024-08-09Indigenous Epistemology and CurriculumAhenakew, Cash

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EDST 604 95132MTWR9:0012:002024-07-022024-07-18Advanced Seminar in Researching Educational Practice and PolicyShan, Hongxia

EDUC 500 92131MW16:3019:302024-05-132024-06-20Research Methodology in EducationWright, Handel

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Winter 2023/2024

Winter 1

Course IDCreditsTermDaysStartEndFromToTitleInstructorNotes
EDST 501 2131S9:0016:002023-09-052023-12-07Research Traditions in Educational AdministrationWang, Fei
EDST 502A 2131R16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Growing Up in History: Critical Approaches to Children and YouthGleason, MonaCourse info
EDST 503 2131T16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Foundations of Adult Learning and EducationVanWynsberghe, Rob
EDST 509 8131T16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Constructing Citizens: Canada and the Educational PastEllis, JasonCourse info
EDST 516 2131W13:0016:002023-09-052023-12-07Adult Education and CommunityTaylor, Alison
EDST 521 2131M16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Foundations of Higher EducationStein, Sharon
EDST 523A 2131T16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Comparative EducationStein, Sharon
EDST 525 21312023-09-052023-12-07Program Evaluation in Adult and Community EducationSork, Tom
EDST 526 2131M16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Advanced Study of Educational OrganizationsTaylor, Alison
EDST 540A 21312023-08-072023-11-03Locating Oneself in Global LearningLiu, JingzhouRestricted for ALGC
EDST 541 21312023-09-052023-12-07Adult Learning: Contexts and PerspectivesALGCERestricted for ALGC
EDST 544 21312023-09-052023-12-07Global/Local LearningALGCERestricted for ALGC
EDST 545 2131M16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Indigenous Inquiry and ResearchAhenakew, Cash
EDST 561A 8131W16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07PracticumGrain, Kari
EDST 565A 21312023-09-052023-12-07Special Course in Subject Matter FieldGrain, Kari
EDST 571 2131W16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Educational Research: Relating Questions, Theory, and MethodologyShan, Hongxia
EDST 578 2131M16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Multiculturalism and its Critical Alternatives: Diversity in Education and SocietyXiao, Yao
EDST 581 2231T16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Leadership, Administration, and the Aims of EducationFallon, GeraldRestricted for EDAL
EDST 581 61A31M8:0010:002023-09-052023-12-07Leadership, Administration, and the Aims of EducationGill, HartejVEL6, Hybrid
EDST 593A 2131S9:0016:002023-09-052023-12-07Ethics and EducationRuitenberg, ClaudiaFriday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Restricted for 2023 EdD cohort
EDST 597 2131R16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Educational Theories: Equality, Democracy, and JusticeAbdi, Ali
EDST 601A 8131M10:0013:002023-09-052023-12-07Doctoral SeminarWebb, Taylor
EDST 602A 8331W13:0016:002023-09-052023-12-07Doctoral SeminarWright, Handel
EDUC 500 131M16:3019:302023-09-052023-12-07Research Methodology in EducationAbdi, Ali


Winter 2

SubjectCourseDtl CdSec NoCourse IDCreditsTermModeDaysStartEndFromToTitleInstructorNotes
EDUC50481EDUC 504 8132SEMW13:0016:001/8/20244/12/2024Seminar in Qualitative Data AnalysisKelly, DeirdreCourse info
EDST507D22EDST 507D 2232SEMT16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Topics in the History of Education: Histories Confronting White SupremacyGleason, Mona Course info
EDST51121EDST 511 2132SEMW16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Organization and Administration of Higher EducationMetcalfe, Amy
EDST51222EDST 512 2232SEMW13:0016:001/8/20244/12/2024Transitions and Access Across the Life CourseAndres, Lesley Course info
EDST51322EDST 513 2232SEMR16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Current issues in Higher EducationBrunner, Lisa
EDST51522EDST 515 2232SEM1/8/20244/12/2024Survey Research MethodsAndres, Lesley Course info
EDST51822EDST 518 2232SEMR16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Theory and Research on Adult LearningShan, HongxiaCourse info
EDST53522EDST 535 2232SEMT16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Comparative and International Adult EducationSork, Tom
EDST540B22EDST 540B 2232SEM1/8/20244/12/2024Locating Oneself in Global LearningGrain, Kari Restricted for ALGC
EDST54322EDST 543 2232SEM1/8/20244/12/2024Understanding ResearchALGCERestricted for ALGC
EDST54622EDST 546 2232SEMM16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Indigenous Methodology and EpistemologyKovach, Maggie
EDST553A22EDST 553A 2232SEMS9:0016:001/8/20244/12/2024Group Inquiry into Educational PracticesWang, Fei
EDST55521EDST 555 2132SEMR16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Educational FinanceFallon, Gerald
EDST561B82EDST 561B 8232PRCW16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024PracticumGill, Hartej
EDST57582EDST 575 8232SEM1/8/20244/12/2024Work and LearningTaylor, AlisonRestricted for ALGC
EDST57781EDST 577 8132SEMW16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics and PracticeWebb, Taylor
EDST58222EDST 582 2232SEMT16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024The Study of Educational OrganizationsDecker, Elaine & Waithman, MarilynneCore course in EDAL
EDST596A22EDST 596A 2232SEMM16:3019:301/8/20244/12/2024Philosophy and Educational PolicyWebb, Taylor
EDST601B81EDST 601B 8132SEMR10:0013:001/8/20244/12/2024Doctoral SeminarMetcalfe, Amy
EDST60382EDST 603 8232SEMS9:0016:001/8/20244/12/2024Researching Educational Practice & PolicyRocha, SamFriday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM