Research Day 2021

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Hello EDST Community,

The program committee for EDST Virtual Research Day 2021 invites proposals for synchronous and asynchronous individual presentations, poster sessions, roundtable and panel sessions from students and faculty members. All students are welcome: Ph.D., Ed.D., M.A., and M.Ed. EDST!

EDST Research Day showcases the rich educational research, practice, and theory developed by the department’s students and faculty. We welcome work in diverse subjects, and in all phases of development, including projects that come out of coursework, research conducted as Research Assistants or Principal Investigators, thesis sections, or papers in progress. Presenters can also try out ideas to be developed for a forthcoming conference.

We invite proposals on the conference theme, ‘Building Resilient Communities: Reimagining the Roles of Education’, as being reflective of the focus of some key conferences this year. Suggested topics can include (but are not limited to):

  • Indigenous approaches to education
  • Foundations of education
  • Teacher education
  • Leadership & Policy


Each session should include at least one EDST student, but we encourage collaborations with EDST faculty members and/or students from other departments. Faculty members are invited to take an active role throughout Research Day as discussants, moderators, facilitators, and mentors.


Where: Zoom (Registration opening soon)

When: Saturday April 17th, 2021

Call for Proposals deadline: February 28th, 2021


Types of Presentations


Individual Presentations

Traditional presentations are welcome, but alternative presentations are also welcome!


Suggestions include:

  • Paper Presentation (up to 20–minute talk and 10-minute Q&A)
  • Short Presentation (up to 7-minute talk and 5-minute Q&A)
  • Ignite (20 slides in 5 minutes, each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds and 5-minute Q&A)
  • Art/Performance
  • Film Presentation (up to 20 minutes)
  • Poster Presentations


Students who plan to present posters at other conferences in the near future are encouraged to use this space to practice their presentations.


Roundtable and Panel Sessions

  • Roundtable and panel sessions will run 75 minutes each. Formats available are:
  • Panel Discussion: 2-4 panelists discussing a topic in front of the audience; includes a Q&A and discussion section
  • Roundtable Discussion: A discussion on a topic in a roundtable format with equal participation from all participants
  • Book Session: A presentation of a new book, followed by a Q&A session
  • Scholars’ Café: Informal session that showcases the most exciting and unique research done at EDST.


How to Apply


Proposal Requirements


Individual presentation proposals should include:

  • Presenter’s name, department and program.
  • Full title of the proposal 150-200 word abstract
  • Type of presentation


Panel/ Roundtable discussions proposals should include:

  • Facilitator’s name, department, and program
  • Full title of the proposal Type of session
  • Brief summary of activities planned for your session and key participants’ names, with a 150-200 word abstract for each speaker


Want to present but not sure how to prepare?

Your GAAs are here and would love to sit with you for a session discussing your proposal ideas and helping you prepare! Contact us at for any questions, comments or help.


Please submit your proposals to

We look forward to your active participation and engagement!


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