Prospective Students

Whether you’re a professional looking for new K–12 administration skills, a PhD candidate exploring ways to build literacy in Uganda, or somebody in between, EDST offers the ability to expand your understanding of the discipline of Education. We provide courses that range widely in length—from two hours to eight years—and are always here to help if you have any questions about where you’ll fit best or how to apply.

Our department offers the following graduate degrees:

The department also offers a number of diploma and certificates for individuals both with and without previous post-secondary credentials. These include:

“I experience the best of both the campus and the Yukon: engagement with scholars from around the world while completing my research program in my home context.

Once accepted to the UBC EDST PhD program, my initial reactions were equal measures of elation and quandary. How could I engage meaningfully with the program and my cohort and not leave my family or move from our Yukon home?

A supportive and creative supervisor and committee made attendance possible. I’ve attended and given EDST presentations, worked as a research assistant on a major EDST project, published articles, and presented at an international Indigenous conference.

When on campus, I meet with my cohort to share our experiences, exchange ideas, and celebrate our accomplishments together.”


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