Research Interests


B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Wisconsin, Madison)

Students Supervised

Jenalee Kluttz, PhD. Environmental Adult Education in the Climate Justice Movement: Lessons of People, Power, and Place in the Shaping of Solutions to Climate Change. (current)

Vicheth Sen, PhD. Higher Education, Democracy and Civically Engaged Citizens in Post-conflict Cambodia. (current)

Linh Thuy Tran, PhD. 2014. Community-Based Ecotourism as a Site of Learning in Environmental Adult Education: A Case Study of Giao Xuan Ecotourism Project, Xuan Thuy National Park in Vietnam.

Kila Reimer, PhD. 2012. Local Negotiation of Globalised Educational Discourses: The Case of Child Friendly Schools in Rural Cambodia.

Tara Gibb, PhD. 2012. Knowledge Economy Discourses and Language Regulation: An Analysis of Policy Processes in Adult English Language Education in Canada. w/ Tara Fenwick, University of Stirling.

Hiroko Hara, PhD. 2012. The Art of Becoming: Filmmaking and Performance on Cambodian Postcoloniality and Diaspora. w/ Jennifer Chan. Educational Studies.

Carolina Palacios, PhD. 2011. Social Movements as Learning Communities: Chilean Exiles, Knowledge Production and the Solidarity Movement. Educational Studies.

Cindy Hanson, PhD. 2009.  Toward Transformative Learning and a Transnational Feminist Pedagogy: Experiences of Activist-Facilitators Working in Development. Educational Studies.

David Jele, PhD, 2005. Political Economy of Literacy in Development: A Case Study of Educational Policy in Swaziland. Educational Studies. w/ Kjell Rubenson.

Elizabeth Henry, MA. 2013. Learning Place-Based History at Kits House: A Journey in Decolonization. Adult Learning and Education.

Anahita Abbas-Nejad-Konjin, MA. 2012. A Gender Analysis of Iranian Middle School Textbooks. Society, Culture and Politics in Education.

Koyali Burman, MA. 2007. Towards a Gender-Sensitive Model for Program Planning in Distance Education for Development. Adult Education.

Hiroko Hara, MA, 2006. Diasporic and Transnational Notions of Belonging: A Case Study of Cambodians in Japan. Feminist Approaches to Social Justice in Education.

Linh Thuy Tran, MA, 2006. Contested Imagined Communities: Higher Education for Ethnic Minority Students in Vietnam. Higher Education.

Carolina Palacios, MA, 2004. Democracy and Non-violent Structural Change: A Critical Inquiry into the Concept of Civic Society and its Relationships with Adult Learning. Adult Education.

Mee Lain Ling, MA, 2004. Methodology of Decolonizing Gender and International Development: A View from China. Feminist Approaches to Social Justice in Education.