Assistant Professor

Research Supervision Interests

I am interested in supervising research students in the following areas:
Environmental Education
Theory and Method


I have a PhD in Sociology. My research expertise is in sustainability and the related areas of social movements and capacity building. Questions that inspire my research are:

  • How can catalytic interventions, such as mega-events, impact local communities?
  • Why do certain types of interactions among neighbourhood organizations, non-profits, and government  bodies, promote sustainable communities and others fail?
  • What curricula and pedagogy foster learning about and contributing to social movements?

I employ diverse strategies and tools to study each of these areas, such as indicator-based measurements, multi-stakeholder engagement, cultural models, cross-case analysis, and simulation technology.

My research and educational interests are multi-dimensional, fully participatory, and sensitive to local problems.

Please visit to learn more, as my website has all the details.



Bowling Green State University, 1997, PhD (Sociology)
University of Western Ontario, 1989, M.A. (Kinesiology)
University of Western Ontario, 1987, B.A. (Kinesiology)

Students Supervised

VanLuijk, Nicolien PhD, Human Kinetics Community Organizing
Pentifallo, Caitlin MA, Human Kinetics Sport Mega-Events Bids
Maurer, Elizabeth PDF, Human Kinetics 2010 Transdisciplinary Writing
Inge Derom PhD, Human Kinetics Sport Mega-Events
DeLisio, Amanda MA, Human Kinetics 2010 Sport & Physical Activity Policy
Goobie, Stephen MA, Ed. Studies 2009 Sustainability Education
Gatzeva, Mariana PDF, Human Kinetics 2010 Sport Mega-Event Impacts
Madsen, Solveig MSc, Environment & Management 2007 Sustainable Small Business
Clark, Julie MSc, Environment &Management 2006 Sustainable Communities
Dolterb, Brett MA, Resources and Sustainability 2006 Intentional Communities
Komori, Shin-Ichi PhD, Educational Studies 2008 Sustainability Education
Marsden, Dawn PhD, Educational Studies 2005 Aboriginal Education
Furukawa, Satomi MSc, Urban Planning 2005 Sustainable Planning
Savelson, Aviva MA, Resources and Sustainability 2004 Sustainable Community
Newnham, Jodi MSc, Urban Planning 2004 Community Engagement
Folz, Harmony MA, Urban Planning 2004 Behaviour Change