Sandra Abah

Graduate Program Assistant
PCOH 2005

  • Advises prospective students on issues such as requirements for admission.
  • Coordinates all aspects of graduate program admissions, including the selection process and bringing cases requiring special adjudication to an admissions committee for determination.
  • Follows up on student awards by processing documentation and ensuring students receive awards.
  • Coordinates new student orientation and graduation.
  • Serves as administrative assistant for the Graduate Program Advisory & Curriculum, Ph.D. Admissions/Management, and M.A. committees.
  • Interprets University and department policies and procedures, and provides guidance and interpretation of same to students, faculty and staff.

Sophia Choi

Graduate Student Support Assistant
PCOH 2003

  • Responds to general inquiries by phone, email, or in person.
  • Assists with meeting room bookings.
  • Assists with financial processing and inquiries.
  • Processes GAA and GRA appointments.
  • Trouble shooting - fax, photocopy machine(s); and orders supplies.
  • Serves as administrative assistant to Scholarships & Fellowships committee; Adult Learning and Education program; and Higher Education program.

Zuzana Jackuliakova

Assistant to the Dept. Head
PCOH 2007

  • Coordinates Department Head’s schedule and assists with financial and other requirements.
  • Serves as administrative assistant at departmental meetings and for the Society, Culture and Politics in Education program.
  • Processes faculty recruitment, appointment and reappointment.
  • Processes Emeriti, Visiting, Adjunct, Post doc and other ad hoc faculty appointments.
  • Processes Faculty leaves, reviews, merit, promotion and tenure.
  • Processes GTA and sessional instructor appointments.
  • Updates the faculty & administrative directory; monthly billing of photocopying charges.

Shermila Salgadoe

Administrative Manager
PCOH 2009

  • Manages all Human Resources and employment issues
  • Manages Departmental and Outreach financial budgets including faculty research accounts.
  • Manages and supervises administrative staff.
  • Assists in Course scheduling and faculty teaching load.
  • Manages hiring and appointment of staff, sessional/adjunct instructors, post docs and graduate students.
  • Coordinates Health and Safety issues.

Alexandra Wozny

Admin/Web Assistant
PCOH 2008

  • Responsible for the management of the Department Website.
  • Coordinates the design (creates, writes and implements the websites’ navigation, layout and content), implementation, hosting and ongoing maintenance of the website.
  • Manages public relations and promotions through social media channels.
  • Provides support to faculty and staff members on understanding and using web technologies.
  • Serves as administrative assistant to Educational Administration and Leadership program and Doctor of Education program.
  • Assists with meeting room bookings.