Career Resources for Education Graduate Students

Career resources for graduate students interested in diverse/Alt-ac careers

  • Alt-Academy
    Humanities scholars reflect on what they do, & how they came to be.
  • Beyond the Professoriate
    Helps grad students and PhDs leverage their education into meaningful careers, whether in academia or beyond
  • From PhD to Life: Meaningful Careers for PhDs
    Dr. Jen Polk is a regular contributor to University Affairs. She is active in supporting people with PhD as they navigate their careers.

  • Papa PhD (Podcast)
    Dr. David Mendes (located in Montreal) interviews individuals who have completed PhDs and have chosen non-academic careers. He interviews in French and English.

  • Jobs on Toast
    Dr. Chris Humphrey provides good resources and a lot of information on transferrable skills.

  • Anne Krook
    Dr. Krook supports "graduate students and postdocs transition to non-academic workplaces and help undergraduate humanities majors translate their skills into jobs."
  • Graduate Students Resources by the Public Humanities Hub at UBC
    Resources for graduate students who are interested in learning more about alt-ac, post-ac, or other diverse career options.

Career resources by sector

Further Education Resources

Federal level

Provincial level

Municipal level

Tip: Canadian Government, BC Public Service Agency and Metro Vancouver are often employers in the UBC Virtual Career Fair. Visiting their booth is quite helpful for insights on the work application process in the public sector.


Non-profit Field specific

International Organizations

Websites for finding work in International Organizations such as the UN, and WHO.

  • UBC Career resources:

Related projects

  • Degrees of Success: Labour Market Transition of PhD Graduates
    Published by the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA)
  • TRaCE 
    A "national project that works to find out more about PhDs in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, and to create a community of peers for mentorship and networking. There is a dearth of information on the career paths of PhDs, especially those who work outside the academy. We want to demonstrate the value of PhDs in what we call the human sciences in relation to the larger labour force in Canada, to change how Canadians think about the PhD, and to connect PhDs with one another and to begin a long-neglected project of community building and peer-mentorship."
  • Rethinking the PhD
    Published by Canadian Association For Graduate Studies (CAGS)

A warm thanks to Isabeau Iqbal, PhD for her contribution to this list!