Dr. Vanessa Andreotti – Senior Fellow at NORRAG

Congratulations Vanessa, who has been named as a Senior Fellow at NORRAG in Switzerland. Vanessa has been chosen to join the first cohort of senior fellows. NORRAG is a network for the development of international policies and cooperation in education and training.

From the programme description: Through our Senior Fellowship Programme, starting in April 2021, NORRAG aims to reverse the North-to-South flow of research and decision-making by creating space and a megaphone to amplify under-represented expert knowledge from the South to audiences in the North. This programme will also develop long-term research links and partnerships that bring together distinguished expert voices from the Caribbean to the Indian subcontinent, from Africa to Eastern Europe.


This is a significant achievement and a testimony to the importance and value of Vanessa’s contributions to global understanding of education and equity.

Well done, Vanessa!