EDST’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

Dear EDST Members:

A profound bow of appreciation for all those who took part, yesterday, Thursday, May 16, in the celebration of EDST’s 30th Anniversary. Thank you, everyone, for the spirit of conviviality, hope and care that you brought to bear on the event, and for the opportunity to acknowledge EDST elders, EDST’s emeriti professors who attended, the recognition and gratitude to Prof. Tom Sork who is retiring.  Without their continued support, dedicated and care this celebration wouldn’t have happened.

We also recognized the GAA Team’s contributions to EDST and those of student representatives on the various bodies and committees in EDST.

A special thank you to EDST’s administrative staff, Holly-Kate, Jenifer, Carl, Sophia, Himadri and Kelly for their absolutely phenomenal and outstanding support and dedicated logistic work to get the entire event at St John’s College organized and fully catered.


Rise, EDST!


With best wishes.