Book Presentation and Discussion: Philosophical Research in Education

Book Presentation and Discussion

Philosophical Research in Education

An Introduction to a Phenomenological Approach to the Philosophical Study of Education

Dr. Samuel Rocha

Date: September 26th 2023
Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm
Location: PCN Multipurpose room 2012




Is there room for philosophy in educational research? Where is phenomenology before and beyond its uses and abuses in the applied and social sciences? How are phenomenology and philosophy of education related? What are the methods of phenomenology within the field of philosophy of education? These talks to educational scholars and researchers respond to these questions and make an appeal for the place of philosophy within educational research and the tradition of phenomenology within philosophy of education. Across a broad genealogy of thought, with frequent substitutions and autobiographical confessions, these lectures work from and towards a simple article of faith: philosophy and education are not so different.



Sam Rocha is associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies where he teaches courses in philosophy of education, educational theory, ethics, and social, moral, and political philosophy and theory. He is the author of several books including A Primer for Philosophy and Education, Folk Phenomenology, and The Syllabus as Curriculum. Philosophical Research in Education is his most recent book. In addition to his academic activities, Rocha is a performing musician and active angler.



  • Silas Krabbe
  • Itamar Manoff
  • Aimee Begalka
  • Tamara Chandon