Mexican schools, text-books and gender equity

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Title: Mexican schools, text-books and gender equity

Speaker: Dr. José Baltazar García-Horta and Dr. María Teresa Guerra Ramos

Affiliation: Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Faculty of Social Work and Center of Research and Advanced Studies-Monterrey.

Date and timeMarch 9th,12.00 pm

LocationPCN 2012 Multipurpose room


Mexican schools, text-books and gender equity

AbstractIn Mexican public schools discussions about gender and gender inequities are rare. With the idea of continuing the scrutiny of these topics, a research exercise that includes an analysis of legal documents and educational materials is presented. Gender equity messages in textbooks and other official educational documents are also reviewed. For that purpose, critical pedagogy, understood as a framework to dissect power dynamics and gender relations in educational settings is employed. The idea is to identify whether content that promotes equity is being communicated or if, on the contrary, gender stereotypes continue to be reinforced, the theme is avoided, or it is not considered relevant. Research on Mexican textbooks and Mexican schools are also commented on.

Introduction, commentaries and moderator: Professor Mona Gleason, EDST, UBC


Bio: José Baltazar García Horta (he/his) has a first degree in Psychology from the National Autonomous University (UNAM), Mexico. He has a master’s degree in International Education Management (MEd) and a PhD in Education, both from the University of Leeds, U.K. He is an associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Work and Human Development, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (Mex). His research interests have to do with educational policies, implementation of governmental initiatives, teachers’ working conditions, gender, and equity in education. Dr. García Horta has carried out an academic visit to the University of Salamanca in Spain and is currently a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia in Canada.


Bio: María Teresa Guerra Ramos (she/her) studied Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a MEd in Science Education and a PhD at the University of Leeds, UK. She worked at the Ministry of Education in Mexico for several years She has been a researcher in Educational Psychology and Science Education at the Center of Research and Advanced Studies, Monterrey Unit since 2005. Her research interests are focused on teachers´ representations of scientists and scientific activity, the development of science teaching competences, features of discourse in science teaching-learning interactions and collaboration among teachers and researchers for pedagogical innovation. She is currently a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.