Individual Research Interests

Antiracist and Anticolonial Education
Teacher Education, Africa


University of Toronto , 2009, PhD

Selected Publications

Easterbrook, A. , Bulk, L.Y., Hahn, B.  & Jarus, T., Hahn, B., Ghanouni, P., Lee, M., Opini, B., & Parhar, G. (2019). University gatekeepers’ use of the rhetoric of citizenship to relegate the status of students with disabilities in health and human service programs, Disability & Society, 1-23.

 Opini, B. & Onditi, H. (2016). Education for all and students with disabilities in Tanzanian primary schools: Challenges and successes. International Journal of Educational Studies, 3(2), 65-76.

 Opini, B.  (2016). Walking the talk: Towards a more inclusive field of disability studies. International Journal of Inclusive Education20(1), 67-90.

 Easterbrook, A., Bulk, L., Ghanouni, P., Lee, M. Opini, B. Roberts, E. Parhar, G. & Jarus, T. (2015). The legitimization process of students with disabilities in Health and Human Service educational programs in Canada. Disability & Society, 30 (10), 1505-1520.

 Opini, B. (2012). Examining the motivations of disabled women’s participation in higher education in Kenya. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, 29(3), 303-318.

 Opini, B. (2012). Barriers to participation of women students with disabilities in university education in Kenya. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 25(1), 67-79.

 Opini, B. (2010). A review of the involvement of disabled persons in the labor force: The Kenyan context. Disability & Society25(3), 271-287.

 Opini, B. (2008). Strengths and limitations of Ontario post-secondary accessibility plans: A review of one university accessibility plan. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 12(2), 127-149.


Courses Taught

EDUC 173 – History Teaching Methods I

EDUC 273 – History Teaching Methods II

EDUC 275 – Global Education

EDST 401 – Education, School and Social Institutions

EDST 402 – Education and Media

EDST 403 – Knowledge and Curriculum

EDST 404 – Ethics and Education

ADHE 330- The Community Practice of Adult Education

EDUC 440 – Aboriginal Education in Canada

EDUC 452 – Inquiry Seminar

EDST 579 – School Community Relations

EDST 581 – Leadership and Aims of Education