Associate Professor


Hartej Gill was born in India in the state of Punjab. She is the daughter of Mohinder and Jiri Gill and the grand-daughter of Kishan & Naranjan Gill and Balwant & Pritam Sull who all come from a tradition of rice, sugarcane, date, wheat and vegetable farming in their respective villages of Fatehpur, Moranwali, Jindowal, and Palahi. Hartej’s education began at the Government Primary School in Moranwali in the District of Hoshiar Pur. She has since worked as an Elementary School Teacher in both the English and French Immersion Programs in the North Vancouver School District. She has also held the positions of an English as an Additional Language Teacher, French as a Additional Language Teacher, Learning Assistance Teacher and Teacher-Librarian. In her last role in the North Vancouver School District, she worked as a Vice-Principal at Sherwood Park Elementary School. She has recently joined the Educational Administration Faculty in the Department of Educational Studies.

Hartej is particularly interested in Social Justice and Leadership and in using research to bridge the gap between theory, practice, and social activism. At the core of her work is the goal of provoking critical dialogues about identity, power, systemic oppression. colonialism, patriarchy and modernity etc. From her professorship position designated by EADM as a scholar-practitioner, she hopes to use her praxis as way of co-creating transformative and reciprocal relationships between universities, public schools, and the larger community.

Selected Publications

Work in Press

Gill, H. and Chalmers, G. Documenting Diversity: An early portrait of a collaborative community-based teacher education initiative. Submitted to the International Journal of Inclusive Education. July, 2005

Refereed Publications

Gill, H. (2001). Finding home. English Quarterly Journal, 33 (3&4), 61-63

Gill, H. (April, 1998). “Tangled terrains.” Enquiry. (

Curriculum Material and Professional Publications

Gill, H., Ero, I. & Chalmers, G. (2003). Visible minorities in British Columbia: A Directory of ethno-cultural organization in BC. Vancouver: David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education, University of British Columbia. 24 pages.

Gill, H., & Chalmers, G. (2002). Educating against racism through the arts: Programs of promise. A resource guide for educators and community groups in BC. Vancouver, BC: Settlement and Multicultural Branch, Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services, Government of British Columbia. 49 pages.

Courses Taught

EADM-517 – “Supervision of Instruction”: July, 2006
Toward a Socially Just Relational Process of Supervision

EADM-501/553- Pilot Courses in EADM Sept., 2005
Co-creating and Researching Educational Leadership Communities Through Social Justice: Theory to Practice

EDST-565 – Pilot Course in EDST July, 2005

EDUC-500 – Research Methodology in Education Jan., 2005

Teacher Education Courses

EDST-314 – Social Issues in Education Sept., 2005

EDUC-310 – Principles of Teachings Sept., 2005

EDUC-316 – Communication Skills in Teaching Sept., 2005

EDST- 428 – Social Foundations of Education July, 2004

EDST- 428 – Social Foundations of Education Jan., 2004

EDUC-310 – Principles of Teaching Sept., 2003

EDUC-316 – Communication Skills in Teaching Sept., 2003

EDST-314 – Social Issues in Education Sept., 2003

EDST-314 – Social Issues in Education Sept., 2002