Associate Professor


Dr. Wendy Poole is a former secondary school teacher and leader from Nova Scotia. She received a M.Ed. from Mount Saint Vincent University and a PhD from Syracuse University. Her research interests include teacher unions and teacher union leadership, organizational learning and professional learning communities in education, identity in work organizations, and the impact of neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies on K-12 education. Dr. Poole teaches courses related to leadership and the aims of education, teacher unions and education, organizational learning, and identity and power in work organizations.


Mt. Allison, BA, Honors
Acadia, BEd
Mt. St. Vincent, MEd
Syracuse, PhD

Selected Publications


Poole, W. Unionization and Teacher-Administrator Trust Relationships. Presented at Convention 2000, University Council for Educational Administration, Albuquerque, NM, November 3-5, 2000.

Lafleur, C., Levin, B., Poole, W., Rees, R. Sheppard, B. Should CASEA attempt to influence public policy? A conversation. Presented at the Annual Conference, Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Edmonton, May 24-28, 2000.

Poole, W., & Reagan, T. The Promise of Preservice Teacher Leadership Development. Presented at the Annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, April 24-28, 2000.

Poole. W. The Impact of Unionization on Teacher-Administrator Relationships in BC. Presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Edmonton, Alberta, May 24-28, 2000.

Poole. W. The Multiple Processes of Organizational Change. Annual Conference of the National Staff Development Council, Dallas, TX, December 4-8, 1999.

Poole. W. Teacher Union Interests and Emerging Forms of Teacher Unionism. Annual Convention of the University Council for Educational Administration, Minneapolis, MN, October 29-31, 1999.

Poole. W. Leading Discontinuous Change in Education. Ninth General Assembly of the World Future Society. Washington, DC, July 28-August 2, 1999.

Students Supervised

Gordon Yu M.Ed. 1996 1999 Carolyn Shields
Beathen Thomas M.Ed. 1996 1999 Dan Brown
Darrell Cavanagh M.Ed. 1996 1999 Dan Brown
Ted Fung M.Ed. 1996 1999 Dan Brown
Deborah Jones M. Ed. 1999 Dan Brown
Jack Duncan M.Ed. 2001 Wendy Poole
Susan Reardon M.Ed. 2001 Wendy Poole
Michael Gordon M.Ed. 2001 Wendy Poole
William Shaw M.Ed. 2001 Wendy Poole
Jane Marie Kirwan Orser M.Ed. 2000 Dan Brown
Jim Munk M.Ed. 2000 Dan Brown
Wade Gemmell M.Ed. 2000 Dan Brown
Robert Beatty M.Ed. 2000 Dan Brown
Glen Overgaard M.Ed 2000 Dan Brown
David Bennett M.Ed. 2000 Dan Brown
Stephen Laird M.Ed. 2001 Dan Brown
Ellen Retelle Ph.D. 1998 Lesley Andres
Steve Oberg Ph.D. 1998 Jean Barman

Courses Taught

EADM 501: Research and Research Traditions in Educational Administration

EADM 581: Leadership, Administration and the Aims of Education

EADM 565: Teacher, Unions and Schools

EADM 565A & D: Staff and Organizational Learning

EDST 314: Social Issues in Education

Community Work

Memberships on scholarly societies, including offices held and dates American Educational Research Association, Member (1991-) Teachers Work/Teachers Unions, AERA Special Interest Group (1994- American Sociological Association, Member (1996-) Canadian Society for the Study of Education (1999- ) Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (1999- ) World Future Society, (1996- )