Fighting Islamophobia Together

From Quebec City to Christchurch, from Afghanistan to Palestine, colonialism and white supremacy fuel not just increasing hate speech but all kinds of violence against Muslims around the world. What is Islamophobia? How does it affect the people around us? And how can we work together to end it? Muslims and non-Muslims alike are encouraged to attend this free event hosted by Students Against Bigotry and The Talon, UBC’s alternative student press.

Special guest NEILA MILED is a PhD candidate in UBC’s Department of Educational Studies, a Liu scholar, and UBC Public Scholar. Her research engages with feminist postcolonial/decolonial theory, critical ethnography, and participatory visual methods such as photovoice to explore the social and cultural contexts of education in relation to the integration of Muslim/immigrant and refugee youth. Neila’s research interests are interdisciplinary and span multiple terrains: multiculturalism and its contested discourses and policies, educational policy and its impact on immigrant/refugee youth, and Muslim women in Canada. Neila’s work focuses on gender and draws on intersectionality, Third World/transnational/Islamic feminism, and scholarship on globalization and migration. She holds an MA in Educational Administration and Leadership from UBC, has taught in several countries, and is actively involved in community organizations that support refugee women.