Handel Wright receives Hampton Grant


Handel Kashope Wright, Professor in the Department of Educational Studies has been awarded a two year Hampton Fund Research Grant in the Social Sciences and Humanities Established Scholar Award in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Professor Wright’s project is entitled as follows:

Postmulticulturalism: Identity, Difference and Belonging After Multiculturalism.

“Because multiculturalism is still dominant in Canada, the notion of postmulticulturalism seems to be somewhat nascent and tentative here and to have much more purchase in other parts of the world. Depending on (or perhaps irrespective of) one’s conception, it appears postmulticulturalism is either inevitable or (acknowledged or not) already upon us. Wright asserts that it bears examining, therefore, what does or will constitute postmulticulturalism in the Canadian context and how identity and belonging operate under it. His research team (himself and a graduate research assistant) will explore the concept of postmulticulturalism and youths notions of identity and belonging in a major Canadian city.”

Congratulations, Dr. Wright!