Jan 18, 2021

Beyond the proposal – what are the important ingredients for a good application and when should we start working on them?

Facilitator: Dr Amy Metcalfe

Date and time: Monday January 18th, 12:00 – 1:00pm PT

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Description: Join Dr. Metcalfe for the first in a series of four workshops on the most important ingredients for a good funding application. While many of us focus our attention on writing a compelling proposal, there are many other factors in the process of compiling our application that can dramatically increase our chances of moving to the next stage in the proposal consideration process. Dr. Metcalfe will highlight those factors and suggest some great ways to start thinking of our funding applications as a long-term, dynamic process.

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This workshop is part of the ‘Proposal Writing for Scholarships & Funding’ Workshop Series

About the series: Critical reflections on last year’s application process clarified for us the need among students for more help not just in putting together a high quality application, but also in planning ahead, and understanding all the critical steps involved towards a great application. Consequently, in consultation with Dr Amy Metcalfe, we have organized this workshop series to enrich students’ understanding and skills in this important area.