Jun 19, 2019

Educational Change in Canada and Switzerland: Shaping Transitional Processes

Findings from a year as a Visiting Scholar at UBC and as a guest in various school districts in BC.

EDST Critical Dialogues Seminar Series

Being a visiting scholar since September, 2018, at the Faculty of Education I am researching the ways public school systems in Europe and Canada have fostered on-going educational changes through the implementation of various curriculum initiatives dealing with competency-based programming and inclusive education for students with visible and invisible disabilities.
My aim is to acquire a deep understanding of strategies developed by different schools or school districts that led to the successful enactment of sustainable educational changes.
I have visited several school districts and interviewed administrators in an effort to learn more about key features of locally-developed implementation strategies that were deemed successful and sustainable educational changes.
The presentation describes aims of the project and the general approach to the research, shows first results, and discusses different ways of achieving successful educational change.